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PR Rank: 1
February 19, 2006

Running - Race
Austin, TX

Certified? Yes

Weather: low 30s, drizzly
26.2 miles
(7:00 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

I went to Austin in February to warm up from Omaha...they had record low temps race day! This was the last year Freescale sponsored it & the last year it was a point to point race. It started 30 minutes late due to the shuttle buses delayed by the weather. I tried to make the best of the situation...one thing that helped was them playing Coldplay's "In My Place" over the PA--and I was going to see them in Houston in a few days so I smiled.
I didn't know if I had a sub 3 in me, but I stayed with the 3:00 pacers fairly comfortably until about 20 miles. Then things started to fall apart. Tried to keep pace, but the group kept getting further ahead. Then it was just to have as good of a finish time as I could as the wheels were coming off. Finished in 3:03:47--PR!

gidderdone gidderdone said at 01:01:00 EDT  
Awesome run. Congratulations on your PR today.

PR Rank: 2
January 25, 2009

Running - Race
Miami, FL
Miami Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:01 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Emotional race for me as it was my first since the death of my Dad. Dedicated this race & every race afterwards to him. Beautiful course through Miami, Miami Beach, the islands & Coconut Grove.

PR Rank: 3
September 27, 2009

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:01 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My favorite personal performance in a marathon. Good even splits, 3rd best finish time & my hometown!

PR Rank: 4
January 14, 2007

Running - Race
Houston, TX
Houston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 40's-50's, overcast
26.2 miles
(7:02 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

I needed this boost after the 2 previous marathons! Thankfully, I didn't have a 3 in a row repeat of going out too fast & staggering in from 23-end. One highlight was seeing Ryan Hall after his turn around on the course to smash the American Half Marathon record--I didn't know who he was at the time, but that kid was FLYING! Also met up with 2 friends in the area for a fabulous weekend.

PR Rank: 5
October 31, 2010

Running - Race
Arlington VA/Washington DC
Marine Corps Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:02 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Truly inspiring race...the capitol of our great country & hosted by our great Marines. Good race for me and very emotional as my late father and uncle served in the Marines,

PR Rank: 6
June 1, 2013

Running - Race
Newport, OR
Newport (OR) Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 50's, sunny, light breeze, humid
26.2 miles
(7:04 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Thanks to God for pulling me through this, and for all the countless blessing I have received in my life. Thanks to my family and friends and all of you NDORFRIENDS! Could not have done it without you all!

The results (unofficial) are: 3:05:20 time; 4th in men 45-49; 29th male finisher and 34th overall finisher. They had a woman give me a printout of this at the finish after giving her my bib number. Along with a nice post race party event!

I am overall very happy with my race. Great weather and a nice scenic smaller marathon (I think less than 1000 runners...this was a marathon without a half or 10K options). I did slightly better than my time in Arizona in January, on a slightly more difficult course. Mainly some shorter hills and a lot of turns came into play in the first few miles which was around Newport 'proper' and Nye Beach, then it winded around the Newport bayfront, including a jaunt on the wooded pier. Then it was a long out and back on the edge of Yaquina Bay--from about mile 5 to 15.5 and back with an end twist. Everything about this race was put together well and I would greatly recommend it. I met the race director after the race and told him how well organized everything was.

I missed my PR goal time by about 2 minutes, but I would be a selfish SOB if I was to complain about it. For a pretty good race for me, I wasn't feeling particularly great, especially in the 2nd half. (Isn't there an old SNL skit with the catch phrase "it is more important to look good than to feel good"...even my good looks weren't doing it for me this morning;) I was asking God to help me and I used any little thing--like a slight downhill--to push me through. Maybe it was a mental thing, but I 'gave in' and did a brief walk break at mile 23.5. This is usually the kiss of death for me, but after that break, I felt a little refreshed and ran steady to the finish. Like the finish in Chicago, there is a little hill before 26, then a downhill to the finish, so that was nice.

I wanted to mention a guy I met from Dallas with a name I won't forget: Jim Bob. Yesterday I was driving along the course route and I stopped off the side of the road to take a photo. Along comes this car, and it is slowing down. I'm thinking I'm in trouble and the guy is gonna ream me a new one for stopping there. Instead, he rolls down his window and in a BIG southern drawl says " Do you think this course is 'flat'?" I let out a laugh as it was the last thing I was expecting. Well, the course wasn't pancake flat, but it wasn't bad. Anyway we talked for a minute there, then talked also at the packet pickup, then today as I'm getting ready to leave the finish area party, he tears in at 3:28--beating his BQ goal by 2 minutes! Nice guy...and CONGRATS JIM BOB!

Thanks again everyone for your support! My next marathon is Omaha, so I'm hoping I can use the extra time for some rest and to get into a more specific training plan. High hopes for this Omaha as it will be my 40th marathon.

Song of the day is "Daddy Dream" by Nils Lofgren. JAMMIN video here:


a.k.a.Paul a.k.a.Paul said at 02:18:00 EDT  
Good Luck Dan!

Dan Dan said at 03:13:00 EDT  
Forgot to mention: Happy Birthday Bridgette!

gohokies gohokies said at 03:21:00 EDT  
Awesome!!! Great race Dan!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:23:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan!

olive olive said at 03:31:00 EDT  
Wow, 4th! Very nice, DAN! I had a classmate in high school with the name Jim Bob. I always laugh at that name!

MrsBecker MrsBecker said at 03:33:00 EDT  
Fabulous race Dan! You are THE most Consistant marathoner I have ever met!

moxie moxie said at 03:36:00 EDT  
Nice race, Dan. Glad you could find the strength to finish with an awesome time.

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 03:54:00 EDT  
Wow! That is just so fast! Sounds like it was a beautiful course and it is always cool to make a new friend at a race. I'm glad you gave yourself that little walk break. It sounds like it was just what you needed to finish strong. Well done!!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 03:58:00 EDT  
Congratz on another awesome race!! You always amaze me!!!

SnOwRaT SnOwRaT said at 04:21:00 EDT  
Great job Dan..you are speedy!

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious said at 04:38:00 EDT  
Great report Dan. Congrats on another great race!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 04:49:00 EDT  
Excellent race.

CoachP CoachP said at 04:49:00 EDT  
Congrats! You are such an amazing runner! Not only is your time outstanding, but so is the fact that you've already done 3 marathons in 2013! Congrats!!!

badMofo badMofo said at 05:00:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!!

jayZ jayZ said at 05:06:00 EDT  
Great race, how many 3:05's in a row is that? Impressive as always

RunDMC RunDMC said at 05:09:00 EDT  
Great job, Dan!

Gutz Gutz said at 05:20:00 EDT  

starguy starguy said at 05:24:00 EDT  
Nice job Dan!

Linny Linny said at 05:41:00 EDT  
You are amazing Dan!! Well done! :)

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 06:03:00 EDT  
you're so inspiring!

booty booty said at 06:23:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great race!

oldguyrunnin oldguyrunnin said at 06:24:00 EDT  
Your the man!!

Edie Edie said at 10:29:00 EDT  
100 percent GOLD!

PR Rank: 7
November 1, 2009

Running - Race
New York, NY
New York City Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:04 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Bettered my NYC by 3 minutes from last year...thrilled! Also met Deena Kastor again at her meet & greet at the Asics Times Square store the day before the race.

PR Rank: 8
September 26, 2010

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:04 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Omaha#7! I remember being seriously wiped out at the end.

PR Rank: 9
November 18, 2007

Running - Race
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 35-40
26.2 miles
(7:04 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Great race for me. Probably the biggest factor was that my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 2 days beforehand. I went to school in Philly for 2 years in the late 80's & I love the city. Loved starting off with the theme from "Rocky" right near the famous Art Museum sequence in the movie. I usually have trouble maintaining even splits especially after 20 miles & this one went much better. Warm soup at the end was wonderful!

PR Rank: 10
June 19, 2011

Running - Race
Vancouver, WA
Vancouver USA Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:05 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Great race for me! Steady splits & good effort throughout.

PR Rank: 11
January 20, 2013

Running - Race
Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe, Arizona
Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:05 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

First, thanks to God. My prayer last night after mass was 'the usual' before races: to do my best, put it in God's hands, and accept whatever the outcome may be. God always come through.

Second thanks to all of you at Ndorfnz; plus my other friends and family. Thanks to all who offered encouragement, thoughts and prayers...I do not take it lightly. I am so incredibly proud to be part of Ndorfnz and the great friends I have made here. Absolutely and certainly, I feel that was a HUGE positive factor in my race. The first 2 calls I made post race went out to my biggest supporters--my Mom and my sister Donna.

Huge congratulations to Joe, Charles, Lindy & Doug & their daughter! I tried finding you all at the post race, but it was a madhouse. And I didn't have my cell on me. Safe travels back!

I'm really happy with the race itself and my time! It never ceases to amaze me on some races like this that once the gun goes off, I can generally run faster paces more comfortably and more consistent splits than perhaps my training would suggest. Certainly not every race happens like this, and a great many of them went worse than I expect. I didn't know what to expect for this race's finish time outcome, mainly because I wasn't thrilled with some of my training. Specifically, the "easy" runs didn't really feel easy, and the harder workouts felt REALLY REALLY hard.

For the race itself, it was well organized, very flat and had good crowd support. I was careful not to start off too fast...I kept looking at my Garmin in the first half mile and was shocked to see 6:15 and 6:20 paces--I KNEW I had to slow it down and right away or I'd blow up badly. I forced myself to back off soon. I was aiming for 7:00-7:05 pace throughout. About mile 10, there were 2 women with a sign saying "Go Endorphins!", so I yelled at them "NDORFNZ!" and pointed to my bib with the correct spelling! Lotsa smiles at that one! Mile 11-12 was the only slow inclined hill, and it really wasn't bad. So mile 12-13 was a gradual downhill and I had to hold back the temptation to hit it too hard--remembering Han Solo's admonition to Luke "Don't get cocky, kid!". Miles 13-19 were an out and back, with a turnaround in lovely Scottsdale...it was a mental boost for me hitting the turnaround at 16; bigger boost when I hit mile 19+ and headed south to Tempe and the finish. I was frankly stunned that I was keeping my 7:00-7:05 splits at this point--give or take a little on both ends--and also feeling fairly good with the pace. Started slowly unraveling about this point. For miles 19-23 I kept on pace, but it was getting much more difficult by the mile to maintain; and 23-finish were a killer. I slowed a bit in the end miles...my "A" goal was sub-3:05, and I kept doing the math with my Garmin and my pace wristband, and that finish time was looking less likely. But, I thought that if I couldn't get sub-3:05, I would give it all I got and go for sub-3:06. Wow, was it getting close to that...my eyes were bugging out at the finish clock and I came in officially at 3:05:56, about 2 minutes faster than my last marathon, the Omaha marathon. And my first 3:05:xx in 2 years!

Looking forward to my week vacation here in Arizona, and later in the week California. Very thankful that I have my neighbors watching my house. I'm off to see William Shatner's "performance" in Mesa tonight, should be fun!

And if you want to celebrate with me, here's my favorite musician (and Scottsdale's favorite resident) Nils Lofgren tearing up "Back it Up" from 1975.


'Backing him up' are his brother Tom Lofgren on rhythm guitar, Scott Ball on bass and Mike Zack on drums. Thanks again, and I'll talk to you later!

Take Care and God Bless,

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 01:44:00 EDT  
Saw Mo's post in The Rundown; nicely done!!

SAS SAS said at 02:24:00 EDT  
Awesome job, Dan!! Can't wait to read the recap!

hOg hOg said at 02:49:00 EDT  
Job well done, Sir! Couldn't have happened to a better person. I am glad all that hard work paid off. You earned every mile of this run. Congrats!

TheJudge TheJudge said at 03:11:00 EDT  
Great race, Dan!

BetzE BetzE said at 03:30:00 EDT  
Yippee!! Congratulations Dan!!

jayZ jayZ said at 03:35:00 EDT  
You must have killed that pasta. Nice job Dan!

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious said at 03:35:00 EDT  

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 03:49:00 EDT  
Dang, nice work man! Great job!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 05:12:00 EDT  
Excellent work.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:24:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan!

oldguyrunnin oldguyrunnin said at 05:28:00 EDT  
BOOM!!! Awesome job Dan!!

booty booty said at 05:32:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great run!

starguy starguy said at 06:04:00 EDT  
nice race Dan!

KMAC KMAC said at 06:30:00 EDT  
Great Run!

smilEy smilEy said at 06:46:00 EDT  
Congrats on a great race Dan!

CoachP CoachP said at 07:02:00 EDT  
You're a rock star! Congrats! What a race! I'm in awe of your pace!

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious said at 07:47:00 EDT  
BTW, I checked out da Graph on your ndorfence. Nice discipline on that taper! Would you taper any differently next time?

Bohldog Bohldog said at 07:49:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!

Timbowait Timbowait said at 07:57:00 EDT  
Congrats on the time, enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Ordo Ordo said at 08:06:00 EDT  
Thanks for the inspiration, Dan :)

eboos184 eboos184 said at 08:49:00 EDT  
Nice race

bsypal bsypal said at 09:17:00 EDT  
Congrats! Enjoy your vacation.

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 09:18:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan. Sounds like it was the perfect weekend and you seen your hard work pay off. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the accomplishment!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 09:46:00 EDT  
Sent u a text. Congratulations. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. :)

kcsMom kcsMom said at 11:39:00 EDT  
Awesome job Dan! Enjoy your vacation!

PR Rank: 12
April 19, 2010

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:07 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My 6th Boston on my 43rd birthday! Could not think of a better way to spend my b-day! And a personal Boston best for me (not all time PR, but Boston PR).

PR Rank: 13
September 28, 2008

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:08 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Omaha #5

PR Rank: 14
May 13, 2006

Running - Race
Brookings, SD
Brookings Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:09 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My 2nd Brookings...37 seconds faster than the previous year! My friend Gregg nailed this race as usual.

PR Rank: 15
September 23, 2012

Running - Race

Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 40's, beautiful!
26.2 miles
(7:10 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

MASSIVE HUGE THANKS as always to God, my family and my friends--particularly all of you Ndorfriends!! I told my Mom I thought of her and Dad a lot in the race...I absolutely could not have done it without them. I was so THRILLED to see so many Ndorfriends out there running, cheering and volunteering--I cannot overemphasize THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! And like last weekend, everyone did amazing--CONGRATS and I can't wait to read the recaps and see you all tonight at the social! To Lindsey and Moyer--it was GREAT finally meeting you today and you both ran fabulous races! For a while in the first half, I was running with the eventual women's winner...I spoke to her and her husband afterwards and she commented about all the people yelling 'DAN'--I then proudly told her about my NDORFRIENDS!

Happy birthday to Bruce Springsteen! He is my 2nd favorite songwriter, and the 'other guy' in my mugshot today!

The marathon went better than I expected! Based on recent races, I thought a challenging, but appropriate goal was between 3:05 and 3:10...I landed in the middle of that with 3:07:50. More so, I wanted to keep even splits and not 'blow up' in the second half. So I was trying to keep my mile splits between 7:00 and 7:15. Only a few splits went out of these boundaries and not by much, so I'm happy with that. I don't know if it was my body or the voices in my head, but I was feeling worn from mile 22 on, but I'm glad that persisted at a steady pace. This race was a huge improvement over my last marathon (Brookings) where I went out 6:45-7:00 pace and blew up way early at mile 16, with lots of walking breaks from there to the finish, resulting in a 3:17. No 'blowing up' this time, no walk breaks today, and 10 minutes better time...I will take it! I was third in my age group (45-49), but actually took the 2nd place award as the age group winner was 3rd overall and they didn't 'double dip' his award.

Finally, massive props to race director Susie Smisek for putting on another great Omaha Marathon/Half/10K. Except for last year, I have run it each year since 2004 and every year it is tweaked a little better. I loved the Miller Park excursion and Minnie Lusa Blvd, both were new to me. I complimented Susie on undertaking and succeeding at this massive undertaking and I will write up a positive review on marathonguide.com.

See you all in a couple hours!

jayZ jayZ said at 03:45:00 EDT  
Great race Dan, I thought the course was better this year than another time I've ran out there (weather helped my attitude on the race too)

powerfade powerfade said at 04:20:00 EDT  
Great Race Dan!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 04:58:00 EDT  
Great race!

Selb Selb said at 04:59:00 EDT  
way to race

BetzE BetzE said at 05:06:00 EDT  
Wonderful job Dan!

Bohldog Bohldog said at 05:33:00 EDT  
Nice race Dan!

starguy starguy said at 06:08:00 EDT  
great race Dan!

smilEy smilEy said at 06:17:00 EDT  
Awesome race today and great to meet you!!

CoachP CoachP said at 06:21:00 EDT  
Congrats, Dan! Great seeing you as you flew through my water stop at mile 23!

SnOwRaT SnOwRaT said at 06:30:00 EDT  
It was fun cheering and getting to chat a bit at the end. Great racing today Dan. Awards too!

booty booty said at 06:46:00 EDT  
Amazing job today! Congrats!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 06:54:00 EDT  

baldguy baldguy said at 07:27:00 EDT  
Great race!

Roadie Roadie said at 08:02:00 EDT  
Great job!

TommyBoy TommyBoy said at 08:18:00 EDT  
Nice Job Dan!

shoeless shoeless said at 08:27:00 EDT  
Awesome race!

KtB KtB said at 10:18:00 EDT  

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 10:57:00 EDT  
Great race Dan!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:42:00 EDT  

Stretch Stretch said at 08:27:00 EDT  
Nice race!!

RunDMC RunDMC said at 12:10:00 EDT  
Great job!

PR Rank: 16
April 20, 2009

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:10 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Boston #5

Dan Dan said at 09:16:00 EDT  
Saw Daren Konda out there!

PR Rank: 17
May 14, 2005

Running - Race
Brookings, SD
Brookings Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: windy
26.2 miles
(7:10 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

This was a huge confidence booster for me after a disappointing run at the Boston Marathon the month before. PR at the time. Met guest speaker Billy Mills the night before at the expo & he was also on the course cheering us on--a real class act.

PR Rank: 18
November 2, 2008

Running - Race
New York, NY
New York City Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:10 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

One of my favorite races ever. The Friday before, I met Deena Kastor & Ryan Hall at a meet & greet; Saturday before I saw "A Tale of Two Cities" on Broadway. No other city like NYC!

PR Rank: 19
April 15, 2013

Running - Race

Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:12 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Thanks to God, my family, friends and Ndorfriends!! Felt fabulous about the race! CONGRATS to the Ndorfnz Boston crew--GREAT races!! Will post a race recap later, I am rushing to meet my cousins for a late lunch.


Update 9:00 pm: thanks to all for your concern regarding the horrible tragic events in Boston today. I am truly thankful that all of us and our families are OK. Put a damper on such a positive event, that I don't even want to talk about my race much, other than I felt I ran it well and did my very best in it today. I had no cell reception for a long time following the incidents, but when I did, I called Peg who had a handle on everyone--thank you Peg! Safe travels to the entire crew. And thanks again!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 02:02:00 EDT  
Oh my gosh, Dan, you can't even relax! Excellent work! you ran a GREAT race!!

jayZ jayZ said at 02:03:00 EDT  
Great race Dan, just wow!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 02:06:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan!

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious said at 02:07:00 EDT  
Great race Dan! Don't know the song... but I like what you're sayin'!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 02:15:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!!

Pedro Pedro said at 02:16:00 EDT  
Way to go Dan!

hOg hOg said at 02:18:00 EDT  
Great job, Dan! I was smiling from ear to ear while tracking you. You're an inspiration to many!

Linny Linny said at 02:18:00 EDT  
AMAZING is right!!! So happy for you! Great race! :)

starguy starguy said at 02:31:00 EDT  
Outstanding race!

oldguyrunnin oldguyrunnin said at 02:36:00 EDT  
Great Job Dan!!! Awesome race and you should be proud!!

eboos184 eboos184 said at 02:45:00 EDT  
Great race dan, I enjoyed watching your progress!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 02:46:00 EDT  
Huge congratz Dan!!! Enjoy :)

CoachP CoachP said at 03:22:00 EDT  
Awesome job! I was smiling ear to ear, too! You kicked butt!

Bohldog Bohldog said at 03:43:00 EDT  
Great job Dan, congrats!

bsypal bsypal said at 06:18:00 EDT  
Great race Dan!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 07:20:00 EDT  
So happy for you, Dan. Thanks for the call, as I was worried sick about everyone. So proud of you!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 07:53:00 EDT  
Outstanding race!

Gutz Gutz said at 08:06:00 EDT  
Nice job glad your OK

shoeless shoeless said at 09:17:00 EDT  
Great race Dan!

theDude theDude said at 09:56:00 EDT  
Nice Race!

groupw groupw said at 10:09:00 EDT  
Way to go, Dan! So angry some azzhat put a sour taste on what should have been a fantastic day.

Edie Edie said at 10:41:00 EDT  
Very well done.

leanto leanto said at 10:48:00 EDT  

MrsBecker MrsBecker said at 10:55:00 EDT  
Amazing as always Dan!

a.k.a.Paul a.k.a.Paul said at 11:19:00 EDT  
Nice race Dan, glad you are safe.

TheJudge TheJudge said at 09:44:00 EDT  
Great race, Dan. Glad you're okay.

KtB KtB said at 10:33:00 EDT  
Fantastic job

TheNavigator TheNavigator said at 10:24:00 EDT  
Dan!!!!!! So great seeing you at "porta potty village" pre race!! Amazing job out there!!

PR Rank: 20
September 26, 2004

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:13 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Pleasantly shocked at my time! My Mom, Dad & brother watched me near Rosenblatt & my Dad again saw me finish in the Civic Auditorium. Won first in my age group award (actually 2nd, but the guy before me was in the top 3)! Met future friend Roy W., also met race director Susie. Fabulous experience for my hometown race!

PR Rank: 21
June 20, 2010

Running - Race
Winnipeg, Manitoba: Canada
Manitoba Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 60's
26.2 miles
(7:13 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

First ever trip to Canada (drove it) and loved it! Nice race as well--very flat, good volunteers and finished on the University track. Got a little warm in the last 5-6 miles.

PR Rank: 22
September 25, 2005

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: muggy
26.2 miles
(7:13 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

The muggy conditions made this race tough, but I got through it.

Met Dick Beardsley for the first time after the race...a very inspiring runner & person. I have read his book & listened to his faith-filled talks on CD many times over. He also presented me with my age group award!

PR Rank: 23
September 21, 2014

Running - Race

Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: 55-65; sunny
26.2 miles
(7:13 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

CONGRATS to all racers today and yesterday!! I am supremely proud to be an NDORFNZ runner!!

I will start off this recap as I always do by giving first thanks to God, then my family, and my friends including you NDORFRIENDS. In this specific race, the main friend responsible for me having a good day is none other than Carl. I am inspired by his work ethic, his kindness and his love of family. Even got to meet his wonderful mother before the race! We started off together in the race as we had similar finishing time goals. With 2 rules--little to no talking; and if one of us falters, the other must go on. Even though I went ahead at about mile 10, I knew that Carl was running his race to his maximum potential, ending up obliterating his previous PR by 15 minutes!! Here is where the Neil Young line "numbers add up to nothin' " rings true--I may have had a slightly better finish time number-wise, but given Carl's huge PR, tenacity and mental toughness, I very CLEARLY lost to him.

For the race itself, I was very happy with the race and my time. I was able to maintain fairly even splits, with a slight fade from 21-finish. THANK YOU to all who came out and cheered: Ash, Diana, Lindsey, Shannon, Gary, Shy, Betsy, Tim (following his race!), Brian S, Pete, Ron L. ...apologies if I missed anyone! Thankfully, I was able to keep running to the end...may have slowed a bit in the last 5 miles, but did not let it get to me. I consider my race today a HUGE improvement over last years Omaha of 3:13:59--out of gas at that race, and I feel I was better trained and prepared for this year. I was happy that I ended up 2nd place in my 45-49 age group! On to New York...

Sidenote: Here is a goofy thought I had beginning the race with Carl. He was in the black NDORFNZ singlet, myself in the white one. Given the color scheme, I thought Carl was the man in black--the cooler than cool Johnny Cash, and myself as the man in white--the goofier than goofy Luke Skywalker.

Song of the day: from my #1 musical hero and a life role model Nils Lofgren--"Come a Day". The icing to the Omaha marathon cake is me going to see Nils live in 2 weeks!!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 03:33:00 EDT  
Great race today, Dan!!

moxie moxie said at 04:08:00 EDT  
Solid race, Dan. Definitely notice an improvement in training from this year to last.

Linny Linny said at 04:47:00 EDT  
Oh my gosh, Dan!! Great race!! Amazing recap, too. I know Carl appreciated every step with you. You are top-notch. :)

BetzE BetzE said at 04:52:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan! Tim and I saw you coming and you were looking strong. My favorite was that at mile 24, you say to Tim, "How was pacing?" Gosh, Dan, just run and you can chat later :) Congratulations again. So fun to see you out there.

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 04:57:00 EDT  
Love reading your recaps...you truly are the most humble man. Congratulations on a wonderful race...you are an inspiration in so many ways!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:11:00 EDT  
I cannot agree more with Ashley!! You are a genuinely humble man who is a great role model. Congratulations!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 05:14:00 EDT  
Your recap has me giggling!!

starguy starguy said at 06:06:00 EDT  
Nice race Dan! Congrats on the age group award and crushing your course PR!

baldguy baldguy said at 06:19:00 EDT  
Great race Dan!

TheGunShow TheGunShow said at 06:27:00 EDT  
Nice race Dan

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:03:00 EDT  

DD DD said at 09:38:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan! Great to see you out there!!

booty booty said at 05:18:00 EDT  
Great race!

PR Rank: 24
January 20, 2008

Running - Race
Carlsbad, CA
Carlsbad Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:13 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Loved this one--Carlsbad is a beautiful 'village by the sea' & a challenging race.

PR Rank: 25
October 9, 2011

Running - Race

Chicago Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:15 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Redeemed myself from my Chicago 2006 race!

PR Rank: 26
June 14, 2008

Running - Race
Storm Lake, IA to Marathon, IA
Marathon to Marathon Full Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:16 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Highest ever finish for a race--3rd overall; so I made marathonguide.com for a week!

PR Rank: 27
April 21, 2008

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:17 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Boston #4

PR Rank: 28
April 18, 2011

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:18 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Boston #7! The "tailwind" year. I had come off an injury a month or so before, so I was thrilled with my time...could have been much worse.

PR Rank: 29
September 23, 2007

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:19 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Redeemed myself from the previous year's Omaha marathon!

PR Rank: 30
February 6, 2011

Running - Race
Huntington Beach, CA
Surf City Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:20 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Good first half, then things went progressively worse. Went into the race with a minor glute injury, after I got done, it turned into a major one. I had never felt so bad after a race.

PR Rank: 31
February 5, 2012

Running - Race
finish time is adjusted...see report
Melbourne Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 65-75, overcast, HUMID!
26.2 miles
(7:20 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

HEARTBROKEN. There was a controversy near the end of my race. There was a confusing split up between the half & full runners. They yelled at me "TURN RIGHT, TURN RIGHT", so I did & the finish was closer than I anticipated. (In hindsight, I should have been paying more attention to my Garmin). I honestly did not mean to cut the course, but that is what inadvertently happened. The right turn was meant for the half runners & after the finish I looked at my Garmin & it said 25.06 miles, 3:02:29, 7:17 average pace. CRAP!!! I sought out the race officials & finally talked to the race director. Believe me, I would have loved a 3:02, but it wasn't right; let alone fair to the other runners. I talked to him, told him the situation & told him basically I should be disqualified. I offered to make up the additional 1.14 miles, but he said no, that's not neccecary. He was sympathetic to me & he basically looked at my Garmin & my ave pace & added on about 10 minutes to the 3:02:29 to 3:12:25. That was more than fair enough for me & with that time I still ended up winning my age group. I DID make up the remaining 1.14 miles once I dropped off my stuff at the hotel. Not really the same, but it helped clear my conscience.

It was not a day for me to sub 3 or PR. With the humidity, I started off the first half with about 7:00 minute miles...about 3:03 pace. Second half my pace started to drag & I was near delirious towards the end. But I'm happy with how I did. I told the race director that I really liked the race.

THANKS SO MUCH for all of your support, well-wishes, thoughts & prayers. I dedicated the race to my Dad, as I have been with all my races since his death 3 years ago. Thanks to God, my family & friends & all you NDORFRIENDS! I have loved being a part of the website & Ndorfnz Running...I wore my Ndorfnz Running singlet proudly!

dordio dordio said at 10:32:00 EDT  
Dan, congratz Bro!!! I just watched you finish in 3:02:xx, I was set to video capture you and da som' bitch failed! I was so pumped seeing you I didn't have it set correctly!!!! Congratz, you looked freakin' awesome!!!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 11:04:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great race!!!!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 11:05:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan!!! Wow! That is phenomenal! :) Enjoy the post-race festivities. I can't wait to hear your race report!

jayZ jayZ said at 11:08:00 EDT  
Can't wait to get the mile by mile rundown soon. Great work Dan very impressive!

rudy rudy said at 11:19:00 EDT  
Nice Marathon! Congrats

hskrrs hskrrs said at 11:38:00 EDT  

hOg hOg said at 11:47:00 EDT  
That's awesome, Dan. Way to go!!

badMofo badMofo said at 12:54:00 EDT  
awesome time, Congratulations!!!!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 01:28:00 EDT  
great job- that stinks to have the confusion to mess up your race, but you ran a great one regardless!!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 01:36:00 EDT  
Dan, I am so proud to call you an NDORFNZ Racing teammate and friend. The integrity you showed by going to the race director afterward and offering to be disqualified, and then going back out to finish the course is commendable. It also shows

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 01:37:00 EDT  
what a caring individual you are, that you would be concerned for the others who ran the full distance. Even with all the confusion, you ran a great race and I hope you celebrate this accomplishment!

gidderdone gidderdone said at 01:48:00 EDT  
Dan, I echo everything Peg said. Your integrity is more than commendable. You ran a great race regardless.

jayZ jayZ said at 02:13:00 EDT  
Dan, you da Man! Very proud to know and run with you!

topjimmy topjimmy said at 02:21:00 EDT  
Great run of integrity today!!

starguy starguy said at 02:23:00 EDT  
Nice race (the confusion on the course aside)! Way to to the right thing, not enough folks in the world do.

onemoremile onemoremile said at 02:43:00 EDT  
Congrats on a noble and super race!!!

McAttack McAttack said at 02:56:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great karma for your next attempt!

BDub BDub said at 04:27:00 EDT  
very nice race, in more ways than one. :)

booty booty said at 04:28:00 EDT  

gohokies gohokies said at 04:45:00 EDT  
Haven't even met you yet, but I already respect you. Nice race!

MrsBecker MrsBecker said at 05:14:00 EDT  
Simple Awesome job Dan! Keep your head up, it wasn't intentional, you rocked that course!

OldPWolf OldPWolf said at 05:47:00 EDT  
Nice job Dan - stick with this group and a sub 3 will be a piece of cake!

camann camann said at 05:52:00 EDT  
Good job!

BetzE BetzE said at 08:43:00 EDT  
Great job, Dan! I'm sorry it didn't work out the way you planned, but what an incredible way to handle it. Have a safe trip home..

Schnap Schnap said at 09:26:00 EDT  
stand up man. that's class act all the way. wish I was half the man you are in that situation. by the way did you run the last 1.14 in 7:12 pace? ;)

Squints Squints said at 09:31:00 EDT  
Good effort. Too bad about the course confusion. Way to take the high road though. Good karma for you in your next one.

powerfade powerfade said at 10:48:00 EDT  
Nice work!

DD DD said at 02:37:00 EDT  
Great race!!

sportspt sportspt said at 10:05:00 EDT  
Proud to call you my friend, Dan. Nice job!

PR Rank: 32
May 2, 2004

Running - Race
Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:20 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Second marathon, first Boston qualifier! (I needed <3:15 at the time). Huge thrill to me!

PR Rank: 33
April 16, 2007

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: rainy, but not the Noreaster of the past few days
26.2 miles
(7:20 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

The headline of this race was the weather--the weekend in Boston had a massive Noreaster that threatened to cancel the race. While we were waiting in Athlete's Village it was still coming down in buckets. Thankfully, the rain & wind died down dramatically during the race & I daresay that most of the race was in enjoyable conditions! The personal headline for me was that I took my Dad for the 2nd year in a row to Boston, and we had a great time with our relatives. And I celebrated my 40th birthday a few days later with an 18 day tour of Europe!

PR Rank: 34
February 14, 2016

Running - Race
Course--Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier, the 'Stadium to the Sea'
Los Angeles Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 48 at start; probably 65-70 at finish
26.2 miles
(7:21 min/mile)

focuz: Make the most of the gifts that God has given us.
Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Thanks to God as always for the strength to pull me through it. Thanks to my sister Ann and her husband Scott for their support, meeting me at the finish, taking me back to my hotel and sharing a wonderful lunch and conversation with me--looking forward to visiting with them and their sons in the next few days. Deep thanks to Coach Mo--everything that she told me about training, paces, nutrition and dealing with heat came together in a big way today. I could not have done this race without her help...she is an amazing runner, coach, friend...and she's SMART! Last but not least, thanks to the rest of my family and all of you NDORFRIENDS! I got a lot of texts and I replied to each of you that what got me though the rough patches today was the inspiration and friendship I hold dear to me from all of you! :)

This race went much better for me than I expected. Mainly, I was concerned about the unseasonably warm temps predicted, and the race organizers issued a heat advisory a few days before the race. But thankfully, due to the early morning shadows, there was more shade on the course and it did not get as hot as predicted--as stated above, 48 start and 65-70 at my finish. Also didn't have the humidity. Even had a bit of fog for the last mile or 2. I really felt for the Trials runners yesterday beginning late morning! They had a much harder race and their course (and the late morning timing of it) left little to no shade for them. The Trials were AWESOME to watch!

Kudos to the organizers of the LA Marathon--it was an amazing course showing off the best of the city, and thanks also to the volunteers. I chose a hotel close to the Dodger Stadium start instead of one near the Santa Monica finish, which worked out well for me. The first three miles or so are mostly a descent from the Stadium to Chinatown. I was getting low 7's for pace and really trying to hold back/slow down because I knew not only was it going to get more difficult in the 2nd half, it was also going to get HOTTER as the morning went on. Fantastic celebrations throughout each section of the city--dragon dancers in Chinatown, marching bands, drum squads and live bands thoughout. The mile climbing up towards the spectacular Walt Disney concert hall slowed me down and I tried to even out to a sensible pace following that. One thing I had in my head was I did not want a repeat of Toronto where the last 3 miles were torture probably due to going out too fast.

We were on Sunset Boulevard for the first of 2 jaunts there passing Echo Park and Silver Lake. Then off to Hollywood Boulevard for a few easy flat miles and passing the likes of the Pantages Theatre, Capitol Records building and Grauman's Chinese Theatre. These sites were very cool to run by! Back to Sunset Blvd briefly...I resisted the urge to check out Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page's handprints in the concrete at the Guitar Center there (but rest assured, I had done that several years before).

Later we went past Dan Tana's Italian restaurant (where I ate dinner Friday) and the legendary Troubadour club on Santa Monica Boulevard. In a rare instance of me saying anything in a race, I shouted out to the worker outside of the restaurant "Dan Tana's ROCKS!" This was about mile 15 and I was still feeling great. In fact, I was realizing I probably should be holding back my pace a bit. I found 2 guys running together at an optimal pace for me, so I kind of ran with them off and on--I was grateful later to see them at the finish and thank them for helping me out! After Rodeo Drive and Route 66, I hit mile 20 and it felt like someone punched me. I was out in the full sun for a mile and I seriously struggled with my pace. My worst nightmares of a repeat Toronto performance played through my head at this point...

I did 2 brief walk breaks (usually a kiss of death for me) about mile 21 and 22. Just tried to get through the rest of the race one foot in front of the other. My saving grace was following the peak of a hill at mile 23, it was all downhill from there! My pace slowly but surely started coming back and I finished in 3:12:45. Really thrilled that I finished better than expected, especially thinking about the heat, plus that horrible mile from 20-21, and what COULD have happened if I kept doing walk breaks. Awesome to meet my sister Ann and her husband Scott at the finish! The race photo is the 3 of us at the Santa Monica Pier, just beyond the finish.

Song of the Day: "Both Sides Now" by Judy Collins.
I am excited to be finally seeing Judy Collins TONIGHT in Pasedena!! This is a masterfully written song by Joni Mitchell and performed on piano by Judy in this video. Judy is a master vocalist and musician and lets the song breathe a life of its own. On this performance she is as graceful as a ballet dancer with her voice and piano working together seamlessly and in a breathtaking way. This haunting song addresses coming to grips with naivety and skepticism, and is a true favorite of mine. Cannot WAIT to hear it tonight along with her entire show!!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 09:08:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great report. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 05:15:00 EDT  
Fantastic report, Dan; thanks for sharing.
And, GREAT RACE TODAY!!! Your hardwork really paid off!!

justinmollak justinmollak said at 08:36:00 EDT  
Congrats, Dan! Great report! That Mo really does know her stuff!

Stud Stud said at 04:22:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan...nice race man

PR Rank: 35
September 24, 2017

Running - Race

Berlin Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 57; 100% humidity; 5 mph NE wind; overcast with some sprinkles and light rain
26.2 miles
(7:21 min/mile)

focuz: 50-50 and BBB in 2017
I completely LOVED this race! Kudos must be given to the race organizers, volunteers, fans and fellow runners. In addition, I will give a huge plug to Marathon Tours and Travel, who did a fantastic job of planning out group activities--city tour, dinners, social events...not to mention hotel booking. There were about 600 folks who booked with Marathon Tours and I had a lovely time meeting some of them.

I stayed near the start and finish area. Race morning was abuzz as runners made their way through the beautiful Tiergarten to the starting blocks. Right after the gun, we went around the circle that encompasses the iconic Siegessaule (Victory Column)...a symbol of Berlin, but way too early in the race to be claiming 'victory' ;)

Yes, the course is very, very flat. The minor downside for me on this is that short Dan sometimes couldn't see over folks' heads when the course turned left and right. I missed some of these tangents resulting in a 26.41 reading on my Garmin, but overall I can't complain. The nice thing was that the slight uphill undulations felt like nothing and the slight downhill undulations gave me a psychological boost more than a physical one.

Around mile 5, someone called out "DANNY BOY!"... holy smokes, it's Navigator Shawn! What a nice surprise and I had a good chat with him. He looked great and did awesome as usual.

Another shocker was seeing Uta Pippig around mile 14. She is a three time Boston champ (94, 95, 96...among many other accomplishments) and certainly one of the premier distance runners of the past 20 years or so. I had met her briefly at a few Bostons. When I waved and said "Uta!", she gave me a warm smile. Wished each other good luck and went on.

I absolutely felt like this was one of my most consistent races, and my mile splits reflect it. I was constantly thinking "run smart"; if not, I would replay the blowing up scenario that marred many of my past races. I was stunned to find out that I actually negative split the race, albeit barely. My half was at 1:36:44, and with a finish of 3:13:00, that makes the second half 1:36:16!
Usually, I add on a few minutes (or more) in the 2nd half.

The effects of my training must have showed up on race day, because I would have not thought that I would still be hitting good and even mile splits late in the race. As the Brandenburg Gate loomed ahead with the finish line just beyond it, it became my emotional high point in the race to run through the Gate. Just like Berlin itself and how the city has turned its ugly history of the last century totally around, the Brandenburg Gate now is open and inviting instead of closed.

Thanks to God, my family and friends, including all of you!

Song of the day: "Dreams Die Hard" by Nils Lofgren.

Linny Linny said at 09:23:00 EDT  
Whooo Hooo Dan!!! Sehr Gut Luck!!!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 11:27:00 EDT  

You never cease to amaze me!

DaveB DaveB said at 07:08:00 EDT  
Wow Dan! Amazing stuff

justinmollak justinmollak said at 04:31:00 EDT  

freejack freejack said at 01:25:00 EDT  

PR Rank: 36
January 15, 2017

Running - Race
Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge)

Certified? Yes
Weather: 61; 100% humidity (went down slightly through race); 4 mph ENE wind; cloudy until mile 20
26.2 miles
(7:23 min/mile)

focuz: 50-50 and BBB in 2017

Oh, what a journey! Thanks to God who makes all things possible, my parents and family, and all my friends including you! I felt like I accomplished something today :)

I was so concerned about the humidity. Like yesterday's easy run, it started off at 100 percent. It seems lately that a great deal of my race anxiety is in the very early stages of my races, so the weather did not help matters. I am so thankful that at least it was cloudy for the majority of my race...about mile 20-end the sun crept out a bit. I think I just got used to the humidity throughout the race.

It took me about 8 miles in before my mind settled and the pace felt comfortable. SERIOUS KUDOS go out to 3:15 pacer Dan, and Lauren who was the 3rd place woman. I told both of them post race that I would not have the performance I had without them helping me! Pacer Dan was easygoing, friendly and a rock solid metronome for pacing. He really helped me establish my pace. My goal was a finish between 3:10 and 3:15. After about mile 16, Lauren and I went slightly ahead of Dan on our way and yo-yo'd passing and following. Even though we didn't talk much during the race itself, it was a true psychological help to have Dan and Lauren running with me.

I could not believe I was hitting splits late in the race from 7:13-7:20; quicker than the 7:26 average mile pace for a 3:15 marathon. I was just seeing how far I could ride it, and asking God for a lot of help. For the last 2 miles, I struggled, but got in at a time I was very pleased with, 3:13:46. Five minutes quicker than my last marathon (Northern Ohio, which I considered a good one), so I was thrilled!

I must mention that YOU all were a big assist to me in the race! I have loved running with the community here, and more treasured your friendship! I was thinking about those wishing to qualify for Boston and how your guts and determination inspire me. I had also seen "Patriots Day" yesterday, and the stories of the first responders, medical crews and survivors of the bombings pushed me in my race today. And as always, God, my parents and my family are my biggest inspirations.

The course itself was beautiful. Lots of oak trees, lakes, parks and lovely homes. LSU campus and Tiger Stadium were cool. The crowd support was fantastic, and the people of Baton Rouge are incredibly friendly. Finishing near the magnificent State Capitol building was amazing. And, if you are into post-race parties, this is one to write home about! It was all about Louisiana culture, from the fabulous live bands to an all-out smorgasbord of shrimp, po-boys, rice, etouffee, etc... My stomach is weak after races and can't take much food, so I only slightly indulged in the lesser spicy dishes, but clearly I was in the minority.

When I got my official results at the party, they printed them up like a receipt, and I was surprised to get 2nd place Men 45-49. For the awards, you merely showed them the slip and your bib and you got the goods. Actually, I did not realize that I was 3rd Master! I got a special mug, an art print of the race and a $25.00 certificate to use for the official race merchandise--I got a winter running cap.

Song of the day: 'Baton Rouge' by Guy Clark
A fun and funky song about a lovely city, and one of Guy's few official videos.

rudy rudy said at 10:38:00 EDT  
Good luck!

Timeyer Timeyer said at 02:39:00 EDT  
Well done!!!

OldPWolf OldPWolf said at 03:03:00 EDT  
Awesome work Dan!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:09:00 EDT  

Hasheri Hasheri said at 03:30:00 EDT  
Nicely done!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 03:30:00 EDT  
Nicely done!

starguy starguy said at 03:40:00 EDT  
Sweet! Awesome race Dan!

BetzE BetzE said at 04:10:00 EDT  
Congratulations, Dan!! That's wonderful!

dordio dordio said at 05:42:00 EDT  

freejack freejack said at 05:56:00 EDT  
This is so great! Loved reading this, thank you for sharing!

theDude theDude said at 07:45:00 EDT  
Nice race

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 12:30:00 EDT  
fantastic work, dan!!

moxie moxie said at 07:00:00 EDT  
Awesome! You thrived despite the humidity!

PR Rank: 37
September 22, 2013

Running - Race

Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 60's ave; SE wind
26.2 miles

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Huge congratulations to all of the great racing this morning! Also thanks to you who paced, volunteered and were out there cheering! So great to see you all out there and to visit before and after the race. Looking forward to WINNER Derek's party tonight and seeing you all there!

For my race, the thanks in order are: God, my Mom and Dad and family, all of you on Ndorfnz. Teared up when I called my Mom after the race and thanked her for the countless sacrifices she and my Dad made for us kids.

It was not the finishing time that I hoped for, but all things in perspective. I believe I did my best with what I had on this day. I am thankful to be alive, healthy, injury-free basically, and able to enjoy running. Today was a lesson in never, ever taking any of these things for granted. I have been richly blessed in my life and must give God the thanks and praise He is due.

The training cycle from my last marathon in June was consistent as far as sticking to the schedule, but I was finding it increasingly more difficult to keep the suggested paces both on hard and easy runs. Back in June the master plan for Omaha was to break my current PR of 3:03:47, and in the last few weeks I knew I would have to adjust my expectations. My plan today was to go out at about 7:15 pace (which would put me about 3:10 finish) and see how that feels--adjust up or down as needed. First mile 7:10, felt OK, so I bumped it up a little for the next 8 miles; feeling pretty good throughout this stretch. Back down to 7:15ish pace until about mile 15 when I knew maintaining that quicker pace would be trouble. Just gradually slowed a bit in the miles following until the wheels came off from 23-finish. Mo asked what happened...answer is simple: my lungs and legs could not keep up. Still it wasn't a complete disaster and the finish time puts me 11 minutes under qualifying for Boston 2015...although I will definitely submit a better time if I get one in between now and then (hopefully, but then as before mentioned--never take anything for granted).

A mistake in the early results had me as 3rd in my age group, but I was actually 4th, so my award went to its rightful owner.

I did like the new course. With the out and back, I enjoyed seeing friends and cheering them on. And I liked the idea of tackling the course in sections. Example--on the return route, I was thinking, OK I've passed Carter Lake, the river trail, Minnie Lusa, etc. And the jaunt around the ballpark was cool, even though I just wanted to be done then! I am friends with Susie Smisek and got to talk with her before and after the race...she said it was a bittersweet day for her. Thanked her for her dedication and hard work directing this race all those years.

This marathon was a milestone for me as it was my 40th marathon. Next month is another milestone as I will celebrate 10 years of racing as I return to my first race--the Governors Cup 15K in Lincoln.


Song of the day: "New Kind of Freedom" by Nils Lofgren.

gohokies gohokies said at 02:56:00 EDT  
You ran great today! nice seeing you!

dordio dordio said at 03:09:00 EDT  
Nice work Dan!!! Glad I got to see you a couple times out there, you are a one of a kind that I truly appreciate the rarity in folks as grand as you. Nice work my friend!

moxie moxie said at 03:12:00 EDT  
That's still a great time! I like how you put everything into perspective. Great attitude and a great race!

hOg hOg said at 03:16:00 EDT  
Great job out there, Dan! Loved talking with you afterwards. I am so glad you were able to meet my parents. My Dad kept asking me questions about your business. Ha. That is his wheelhouse.

Edie Edie said at 03:25:00 EDT  
It was nice formally meeting you this morning!

smilEy smilEy said at 03:36:00 EDT  
Congrats on your 40th marathon Dan, very impressive! Great job on the race!

rudy rudy said at 03:39:00 EDT  
Great run Dan!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:56:00 EDT  
Nice! Congrats on 40 and 10!

Linny Linny said at 03:59:00 EDT  
Nice work as always Dan. Congrats on an amazing race! :)

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 04:30:00 EDT  
Way to race, Dan...incredible!

CaptainObvious CaptainObvious said at 04:32:00 EDT  
Great seeing you at the 11 mile aid station. You were looking good, and I've got the pics to prove it. Let me know how I can get them to you.

CoachP CoachP said at 04:48:00 EDT  
40 marathons!! That's amazing! And you did great today! I always say, too, that we must be thankful for the ability to run, and that matters way more than time!

booty booty said at 05:01:00 EDT  
Great race!

Karla Karla said at 05:03:00 EDT  
Wow, nice job!!

badMofo badMofo said at 05:05:00 EDT  
Great job Dan, nice seen you out there.

jjjogger jjjogger said at 05:18:00 EDT  
Great job.

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:27:00 EDT  
Great job Dan! It was great seeing you. More races in the future, we always build off the tough ones.

starguy starguy said at 05:29:00 EDT  
Awesome job Dan! 40 marathons is quite an accomplishment!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 05:45:00 EDT  
whew, nice post. be proud!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 06:38:00 EDT  
Amazing job!!!

bsypal bsypal said at 07:20:00 EDT  
Great chatting with you this morning before the race. You looked strong out there.

a.k.a.Paul a.k.a.Paul said at 08:19:00 EDT  
Awesome Dan!!!!!!

KtB KtB said at 09:49:00 EDT  
40th marathon. And going strong Congrats Dan!!!

Gutz Gutz said at 07:49:00 EDT  
GOOD LORD that is fast

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 12:03:00 EDT  
Great Job Dan!

PR Rank: 38
April 17, 2006

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:27 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My 2nd Boston went immeasurably better than my first! I had prepared for the Newton hills & also didn't "gun" it on the first half downhills. More meaningful is that I took my Dad with me. When going to Boston, I have always met up with my cousins in Rhode Island & Massachusetts & we had a great time!

PR Rank: 39
May 12, 2012

Running - Race
Brookings, SD
Brookings Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 40 start, 57 finish, light wind...perfect!
26.2 miles
(7:32 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Even though it wasn't the time I dreamed about, I'm still happy with the race. I think I have to go back & re-evaluate a challenging but realistic marathon goal. I can't blame the weather on this one, it was IDEAL. I went out with an A goal of sub 3, and a B goal of sub 3:03 (current PR). I had pretty consistent splits from the start to the half, then things started to unravel. I had 1:30 halfway, but already was wondering if I had used too much energy. I mean you want to challenge yourself, and it shouldn't be 'easy', but this was pretty early on yet to be having a bit of trouble. From 13-16 I started slowing to 7:10ish pace and then the "unraveling" snowballed. I couldn't maintain the pace & did some walking with the running. I thought that if I didn't do this, it would hit me in a bigger way. Finished in 3:17:43, 4th in my age group. I had previously qualified for Boston 2013 with my 3:10 at Chicago last fall...my time at Brookings still qualifies me, BUT another hope of this race was to be able to submit a better-than-3:10 time for the upcoming Boston.

I have no regrets for trying to do the pace for sub 3 & not making it. I did the best I could with the latter half of the race. As I said, I think I need to look at what is realistic for me at this point. And maybe I can do some of the smaller goals & whittle down different goals to a sub 3...maybe, maybe not. (translation: I need a coach!) Irregardless, I am thankful to God, my family and friends; and all of YOU Ndorfriends for your support, advice...mostly your friendship! I have told others that joining Ndorfnz was the best decision I have made in years! Thanks for everything!

I also met Tim Meyer before the race! We had exchanged some emails prior to the race. He absolutely demolished the half! CONGRATS TIM!! And sorry I had to rush back to my hotel after finishing to check out. After the race I had a nice lunch in Sioux Falls with my friends Gregg and Jill, both from South Dakota. I'm just getting ready to drive back to Omaha from Sioux Falls and take my mom out to dinner tonight for and early Mothers Day. All in all, a wonderful day!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS!!!

Take Care & God Bless,

"So I went west, and I found out
Hope was all around me, and that's what life is all about
I'm back on my feet, yeah with no regrets
'Cause the sun hasn't set on this boy yet!"
-Nils Lofgren

TheGunShow TheGunShow said at 04:18:00 EDT  
Nice job!

Gutz Gutz said at 04:31:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!!

shoeless shoeless said at 04:38:00 EDT  
Awesome job!

powerfade powerfade said at 04:42:00 EDT  
Great work. You can't hit a goal without trying for it...

halfshoe halfshoe said at 05:02:00 EDT  
Great job Dan. Looks like you learned a lot, and you still had a good finishing time. I'd call that a good day.

badMofo badMofo said at 05:04:00 EDT  
Awesome job!!!

jayZ jayZ said at 05:10:00 EDT  
Dan I am sorry you didn't hit your goal today. I really do think that is the right goal but there is something to be said about rest and training. Please know I have nothing but massive respect for you but you have been putting it out there A ton

jayZ jayZ said at 05:11:00 EDT  
Honesty if you rest and recharge and shoot for it in the fall I am certain you will find the time you are looking for. Excellent race again and please don't reevaluate the goals based on these spring races!

trifan trifan said at 05:22:00 EDT  
You did amazing!! You can do sub3!!! Thanks for sharing your race report. Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your family and friends. NICE WORK!!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:33:00 EDT  
Great race recap and positive outlook! That is the thing about marathons; they are unpredictable for everyone. Remember things happen for reasons. :)

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:33:00 EDT  
What a great post, Dan! I was thinking about you this morning and hoping your race would go well. Sounds like you killed the first half. I really respect you for just laying it on the line and going for it. Some days you just gotta race the field,

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:35:00 EDT  
and getting 4th in your age group is FANTASTIC! I know a couple of NDORFRIENDZ who can help you maximize your training to get that sub 3. I believe it is in you!

Squints Squints said at 05:44:00 EDT  
Great effort Danny. Don't beat yourself up. Boston probably still took something out of you. I'm no coach, but I think tune-up races just before the mary are the best way to know exactly what is a realistic goal.

swany swany said at 05:54:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!

gohokies gohokies said at 06:26:00 EDT  
Great effort and an even better outlook. Congrats. I'm traveling a similar path and can definitely relate. Enjoy your recovery and good luck on the next one.

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 06:27:00 EDT  
I think you dd great. Way to go after it.

Stretch Stretch said at 06:28:00 EDT  
Nice job Dan!!

hOg hOg said at 06:50:00 EDT  
Way to go, Dan. Really, you are quite impressive and a very dedicated runner. I wished I was half as dedicated as you are. You da man!!

starguy starguy said at 06:50:00 EDT  
Great job!

booty booty said at 08:18:00 EDT  
Great run!

Kamster Kamster said at 08:22:00 EDT  
Way to go!!!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 08:46:00 EDT  
Great job!! Congrats!

dordio dordio said at 09:33:00 EDT  
Most excellent recap Danny! Love your attitude and outlook! Sub3 definitely on your horizon...

BDub BDub said at 09:34:00 EDT  
great job!!!! :)

camann camann said at 09:43:00 EDT  
Awesome job!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 10:12:00 EDT  
Great job. I enjoyed reading your recap. Thanks for sharing.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 10:29:00 EDT  
Great race Dan.

TheNavigator TheNavigator said at 11:40:00 EDT  
DB!! well done!

DD DD said at 12:04:00 EDT  
Nice work! My new favorite quote is, "You can't do 100% of the things you don't TRY!" Way to get after it!!

PR Rank: 40
October 18, 2015

Running - Race

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 35-40; NW winds about 5-10
26.2 miles
(7:33 min/mile)

focuz: 1) Faith, Hope and Love. 2) 42.2 kilometers in Toronto.

First, thanks are in order. Thanks to God for all things, including allowing me to travel and chase my dreams today in this race. Thanks to my Mom and Dad and siblings...if I have any work ethic at all, it is only because of my family. Thanks to Coach Mo for her running and coaching expertise, getting me in shape, her encouragement and belief in me. I have never put in more miles and worked so hard in a training cycle and this is courtesy of Mo. This race totally would not have turned out the way it did without her. Before she began coaching me, the way my running was regressing, I am pretty sure I would have had a hard time getting a 3:30-3:35 today. Finally thanks to my friends, including ALL of you! I depend and appreciate you all so very much!

The race began without a hitch, following a woman with a lovely voice singing both the Greek and Canadian National Anthems. Why the Greek anthem?--site of the first marathon! My plan was to hit mile 1 about 7:30 pace, then 7:15ish through 18, then see how I feel if I can pick up the pace from 18-finish. Mile 1 was 7:23, then miles 2-halfway were between 7:00-7:15. I was frankly shocked from miles 2-10 because it felt fairly easy to me--easier than it went in workouts anyway. There were a few of those miles that went just below 7:00, and I really did try "putting on the brakes", but I should have tried harder. In hindsight, I maybe could have shaved a few minutes off my finish if I would have done this, because the last few miles were horrible.

From 10-13, it didn't feel as 'easy', but I wasn't struggling yet. Crossed the halfway mark in 1:33:36. We lost a lot of folks who were in the half marathon, and for a while, lost some of the crowd support as well. BTW, the crowds did reappear in larger numbers from 18 or so to the finish...they were massive in the first half and were amazing in their enthusiasm. At the half point, I realized (too late) that I better stick to 7:15-7:30 to survive the rest of the race. That pretty much was the splits from 13-20. At mile 16, we began the last of an east/west out and back. It turned back westward at mile 20, and continued further west to the finish. Those 4 miles from 16-20 were like the end out-and-back of the Lincoln Marathon--I kept waiting and waiting for the turnaround!! That stretch also had a slight uphill, and a bigger hill especially right before the turnaround. I fought the hill and relaxed back down it on the turnaround, but it took something out of me. From 20-23, I slowed to 7:45ish pace--not because I wanted to, but that's as good as I could do. Things REALLY fell apart from 23-finish. I took a few brief walk breaks in this stretch, hoping to recharge, but it didn't work. I probably had the ugliest finish to date this morning. I know that some of you were tracking me, but I hope that no one saw the live video feed on the website--I could barely raise my hands through the finish! Finish time was 3:18:04.

It was not the goal time I had in mind, that's the bad news. The good news is that I BQ'd for Boston 2017 by almost 7 minutes (my BQ time is 3:25). Also, I feel that I did my best...I would just like to forget about those last few miles! My prayer to God after mass last night was the same simple formula I always pray: 1) to do my best with God's help; and 2) to accept whatever the outcome is. Often that second petition is more difficult than the first, but overall I am happy with the race today.

A note that I would highly recommend this race to anyone. The crowds, volunteers and organization were excellent. Course is mainly flat with a few exceptions. Great medal also! Very good post race support and finish area. And Toronto is a wonderful city to visit, so it makes for a nice destination race.

So, part of my post race celebration is to visit Montreal (for the first time) tomorrow, then conclude the trip with more sightseeing in Toronto on Tuesday. With the hard work done, it is now time to party! There is only one song I am thinking of to fit this theme. Click on for the live video link--you will thank me for it later!!

Song of the day: "I CAME TO DANCE" by Nils Lofgren.

justinmollak justinmollak said at 05:50:00 EDT  
Congrats on another great marathon finish! Sounds like you had a great experience!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 08:02:00 EDT  
Congrats on the BQ!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 08:43:00 EDT  
Great job on the 2017 BQ!

BG BG said at 09:06:00 EDT  
Great job Dan

PR Rank: 41
October 2, 2016

Running - Race

Northern Ohio Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 59; 100% humidity; 6 mph S wind
26.2 miles
(7:34 min/mile)

focuz: Make the most of the gifts that God has given us.

Deep thanks to God, my family and friends (including all of you) and Coach Mo for helping me with a good race today! While visiting with my mom following the race, I told her that I thought of her and my dad throughout the race, especially when my run was through difficult patches, I thought of how much INFINITELY harder they worked all their lives, especially in raising 5 kids the right way. Thanks to Mo for her guidance, friendship and everything she has done with the goal of making me the best runner I can be--she did her part, I have yet to reach my fulfillment, but I am getting there.

I was pleasantly surprised at my results, and in winning the men's 40-49 age group. I had a goal of a few minutes faster, but in hindsight I am thinking 3:18:38 was about the best I could give today. Can't do anything about my injury this summer and how it affected my training, just had to give what I had. I did reach a goal of NOT doing any walk breaks during this race--for the last several marathons, I had given in to this habit in the final race miles. Sometimes I mentally went with a line from the great Jelena Prokopcuka--when she was overthinking in a race, she had told herself "just run"...that line helped get me though many tough workouts and today's race.

It was rainy Friday and Saturday here in the Mentor/Cleveland area, and there was a chance of rain this morning for the race. I got to the start/finish area (Headlands Beach State Park) about 90 minutes before the 7:30 am start time, and it rained pretty much up until about 7:10! Took refuge in my rental car during this. Lucky that we missed the rain for the race, and that we ran in cloudy conditions for about an hour. Even when the sun came out, it wasn't brutally hot and there was plenty of shade in tree lined neighborhoods and trails. Mostly the course was very flat, with a few minor undulations...similar to the Chicago Marathon in that regard. About half on asphalt, the rest concrete with the exception of about a mile trail of crushed rock. I was hoping for more views of Lake Erie, but what we had was incredibly lovely. Volunteers and police were at the intersections and turns and made for a smooth race...I tried to thank all of them, if not at least give a wave or thumbs up.

For whatever reason, I was not feeling terribly confident throughout the race. But I tried to push through physically; and mentally threw every positive thought I could to offset the negativity. Met a lot of wonderful runners before, during and after the race. One of the things I love about running races--first, last or in the middle, we are all going through the same thing.

In the post race photo is the very nice medal (with a blinking lighthouse on the lake) and a coffee mug which was my age group award for winning the men's 40-49 age group. Will take any hardware I can get! I wore my Los Angeles Marathon singlet because that was a great race for me; and a Boston Marathon cap, because that is the ultimate goal for me in my running. Thankfully I am already IN for Boston 2017; with this race, it will put me 11 minutes and change under the 3:30 qualifying time for Boston 2018 (I will be 50 then, hence the 3:30 QT for that race).

Song of the day: "Come a Day" by Nils Lofgren. I see this as kind of an update to Dylan's "When the Ship Comes In", with themes of warning, but ultimately hope and salvation. Nils blends in an uplifting gospel choir, his blistering Stratocaster lead lines and an inspired vocal. Thank you Nils!

BetzE BetzE said at 02:15:00 EDT  
Very Happy!! Congratulations, Dan :)

rudy rudy said at 05:28:00 EDT  
Great Race Dan. And congrats on the win in your age group.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:37:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 10:01:00 EDT  
Outstanding work young man!

PR Rank: 42
April 6, 2019

Running - Race
Abilene, Kansas
Eisenhower Marathon

Certified? Yes
26.2 miles
(7:36 min/mile)

focuz: Boston #14...and hopefully #15

Thanks to God, my family and friends for a wonderful race at the Eisenhower Marathon in Abilene, Kansas! A few special thanks: Carl for organizing a fabulous send off run a few days before. And to Dick Beardsley...I often listen back to his speech on a CD called "A Matter of Faith", where he ties in his running, his career, and his sobriety with his personal lifelong faith. I had listened to it again on the drive down to Abilene and some things that stuck with me in the race were the idea of not giving up, and trusting in God, especially when things look the worst.

Many of you know that the main reason I ran this Eisenhower Marathon race was in hopes of getting a 2020 Boston Marathon qualifying time...for me this is sub 3:25. I had blew my chance in Miami a few months before. And even with the fact that I would be running the 2019 Boston just 9 days before Eisenhower, I thought this would be a better opportunity to Boston-qualify (BQ) than on the hilly Boston course AND on other races after Boston, as you get into the slower race times associated with summer races. So a BQ was my main objective, but I had formed a few other goals for this specific race...

One goal was to "redeem myself" from my 2004 Eisenhower Marathon
performance. That race was my very first marathon, and I had made every rookie mistake there was to make, and then some, in it. Finally, a last goal in the 'return to Eisenhower' was the same as my other races: to try to do my very best with my fitness, the weather, and other factors, on race day.

I am so happy that I can say that I feel I personally achieved these 3 goals in the race!

I got into town the day before the race, and was greeted by "Welcome Runners" signs all over their main street, Buckeye Street. At packet pickup was the same kindness and warmth that I had experienced with the people of Abilene 15 years before. Checked into my hotel and got to bed as early as I could.

On race morning, weather conditions were much better that morning than on the 2004 race day. My Garmin said 48 degrees with 7 mph south wind...weather from the internet had predicted temps climbing to low 60's by 11:00 am and the south wind picking up to about 15 mph by then. And it was cloudy, so I had that going for me. The 2004 race was significantly colder and more windy, with a bit of rain as well.

The start of the race was the intersection of Buckeye Street and SE 3rd Street, right in-between St Andrew's Catholic Church on the west and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum on the east. Abilene was the boyhood home of President Eisenhower, and hence the marathon was named for him. One of the many nice things about this small town race was free parking right near the start/finish and minimal waiting at the portable restrooms. Chatted with a few folks from the area and also some with Nebraska gear on! I would go on to see the Nebraska folks out cheering for their runners and would also chat with them post race.

The start went off at 7:00 am and I wanted to get this race "right" from the get-go. The initial headwind going south was not problematic at that point, so I tried to relax and nail down a pace of 7:30-7:40 per mile on my Garmin, which would put me at about 3:20 finish if I held the pace throughout the race. The pace over the first few miles felt "do-able" for the entire marathon--challenging enough, but not the speedier pace of a shorter race. I had to think of the many miles ahead.

The course was different than the course in 2004, and I had studied it beforehand. The new course was a double out-and-back for the full marathon. And the out-and-back consisted of a southbound stretch; then heading out for a clockwise (hOg-wise) loop of Brown Memorial Park plus an east turnaround, then going out of the park to a southwest turnaround, then doing a COUNTER clockwise (counter hOg-wise) loop of the park you were just on with the east turnaround, then a northbound stretch to the start/finish. So full marathoners did this twice; half marathoners did it once. There was also a 5K and a 10K for this race.

I liked the new course, and it was not confusing given I had done my homework beforehand. I found it had broken up the race into manageable bits. The course had lots friendly volunteers both at the places where you turned and at the many water/Gatorade stations.

I got to "know" many of the runners just from being out there on the course, whether we talked much or not in the actual race. There were some brief conversations, but I did not want to mess up their race, or to mess up mine. There were some runners that would pass me, or that I would pass, but there was always good sportsmanship all around and no dog-eat-dog attitudes. There was one couple with matching "Just Married" shirts where I shouted my congrats to them!

Heading back to the start/finish for my first out-and-back I had briefly chatted with a woman who would go on to be the 2nd place woman in the half marathon. Just after my turnaround at the start/finish to begin my 2nd out-and-back, she was finishing and I cheered her. I knew that the 2nd out-and-back would be a bit more windy than the first, especially feeling it in our faces in the initial southbound miles. I knew not to overly "fight" the wind, just get through it for a few miles and soon I would be making the turn to the park and out of the headwind. That headwind, plus the fact that I had half of the race behind me, had slowed my pace for a few miles, but surprisingly recovered physically and pace-wise once I hit the park. The familiarity of what I had ran before was a comfort. I knew there were just a few more southbound stretches with the headwind, so I tried to keep focus. Obviously the increasing miles were taking their toll. Past 20 miles, I would see folks walking and I thought how nice that would be, but I did not give in. That was their race and their business, mine was to do everything I could for the BQ. Finally I was on the northbound stretch with a tailwind and just over 2 miles to go. I was doing the math in my head, and it not only looked like if I kept it together that I would not only run sub 3:25 for the BQ, but sub 3:20. I was even tempted in the last half mile or so to take a brief walk break but thankfully did not and finished in 3:19:09. More than 5 minutes quicker than my BQ time! And, I really felt like I had run the best race I could...steady, fighting the urges to overly speed or overly slow here and there, and thinking of struggling for a few hours in the race is better than giving up or giving in when things got difficult.

After the race, I had many lovely conversations with fellow runners, their supporters and the fine folks of Abilene who volunteered and cheered us on. I was actually 2nd in my age group, but got the award for 1st place men 50-54, as the actual first place in the age group was the overall race winner. After showering and checking out of my hotel, I visited the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum before heading back.

It was my 55th marathon, and I had come full circle from my first marathon there in 2004. Lots of wonderful memories, lots to be thankful for, and many memories to come!

Song of the day: "Abilene" by Sheryl Crow.

BetzE BetzE said at 02:46:00 EDT  
Woot Woot!

dordio dordio said at 06:47:00 EDT  
BOSTON is waiting for you Dan...

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 01:25:00 EDT  
Great write up, Dan; thanks for sharing it.
I love reading your recaps, always amazed by how much you are able to remember!!

PR Rank: 43
October 22, 2006

Running - Race
Chicago, IL
Chicago Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: drizzly, windy
26.2 miles
(7:36 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Carbon copy of the Omaha race the month before...not good.

PR Rank: 44
September 24, 2006

Running - Race
Omaha, NE
Omaha Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(7:37 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Not a good one for me. I think I started too fast & it caught up with me WAY too soon in the race. Major walking interspersed with running in the last 3 miles.

PR Rank: 45
April 18, 2005

Running - Race
Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 60ish as I remember, sunny
26.2 miles
(7:41 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My first Boston, and like my first marathon a year before, it was a tough learning experience. Everyone told me to hold off on the first half, don't go out too fast on the downhills & I ignored them. I was totally unprepared for the Newton hills from 16-21. I was hurting & struggled to get in past the hills. Got something to eat & crawled into a fetal position on my hotel bed. There were plenty of hill opportunities in Omaha & I incorporated hill work in my running ever since this race.

PR Rank: 46
April 17, 2017

Running - Race
Hopkinton, MA to Boylston Street Boston, MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 70; W wind 9 mph; TOO HOT!
26.2 miles
(7:48 min/mile)

focuz: 50-50 and BBB in 2017

Thanks to God, my family and friends (including all of you)! I approached this my 50th marathon 2 days before my 50th birthday with great excitement! Also with some trepidation on race morning, as temps were already 70. I was determined that this would NOT be a repeat of my DNF at Boston 2012 where the heat got the best of me. I was bent on not letting myself or anyone else down on this big day. For my 50th marathon, I was thrilled that it happened on my favorite marathon, BOSTON.

Pre-race, I was already warm and I hadn't taken a step in the race. As I went to my corral, I noticed a guy in front of me with a Lincoln Marathon singlet. So I asked him if he was from Lincoln, he said, no--Bennington. Told him I was from Ralston and we had a nice chat. He was David Frost, who wanted to be called "Frosty", which I did not forget as the day was anything but frosty!

I started off the race trying to hold back. With the first 16 miles being mainly downhill, it can be a challenge to realize that the downhills play hell on the quads; and especially today I had to play it smart with the heat. As in my previous marathon (Baton Rouge, LA) where it was seriously humid and I was literally and figuratively 'sweating bullets'...likewise for this Boston somehow my body adjusted by mile 8 or so. Not that it got comfortable, I just got used to it.

I didn't know how long I would hold off with this, so I just kept doing little goals in my head. Each mile marker was a relief, as were the mats every 5K. As I approached the big downhill at mile 15 which precludes the 4 Newton hills, I mentally prepared myself. I knew I would be tempted to do walk breaks up the hills, but somehow through the grace of God got through all of them, finding myself on the downhill side of Heartbreak Hill coming into Boston College. But that was where I began to disintegrate. It may have been partly in my mind, but the heat and the course had taken its toll on me. Did some walk breaks from 22 on in, but I really tried to focus on the finish. As since my first Boston in 2005, my Rhode Island cousins patiently waited for me at Coolidge Corner (mile 24) and cheered me on with their voices and fantastic signs. They always helps me finish out the race and it was no exception this time.

When I finished the race, I pointed at the "50th Marathon! 50th Birthday" on my bib. I got a lot of cheers and birthday shout outs from runners and spectators before, during and after the race. Finally, I had FINISHED 50 marathons!

As a woman put the medal around my neck, I hugged her. She noticed my singlet and said, 'Congrats on 50 marathons and thanks for running Boston'. I said "This guy made it happen", as I pointed up towards our Lord.

Thanks as always to the amazing crowds in Boston, the spectators, the volunteers, the police, first responders and all who make this race special for 121 runnings of it. And of course to the runners who you share a special bond with.

Big congrats to Frosty and Jackie, whom I met with their spouses at the post race party at Fenway. They are wonderful people and did amazing performances in the race. And congrats to ALL the runners!

Song of the day: "Shine Silently" by Nils Lofgren. Thanks
Nils for being a positive role model and inspiration in my life!

Edie Edie said at 09:15:00 EDT  
Got anything exciting scheduled today?

BetzE BetzE said at 09:37:00 EDT  
^ :). Good luck! Hope you get lots of birthday shout outs!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 01:37:00 EDT  
^^ha ha! ^THAT!

Linny Linny said at 06:56:00 EDT  
So proud of you!! You are such a shining star. Well done, Dan. :)

dordio dordio said at 07:03:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan!! Listened to Meb a bit on TV post thon and finally put it together, you and he are a lot alike. Very humble, genuine real people. If there's one thing in life YOU shouldNOT do is change. KeepinItReal Congrats again!! :)

hskrrs hskrrs said at 08:44:00 EDT  

booty booty said at 05:26:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan! Awesome job!!!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 09:59:00 EDT  

Ecto1 Ecto1 said at 05:07:00 EDT  
This is so awesome, Dan! Congratulations and happy birthday!

freejack freejack said at 10:12:00 EDT  
Yes, yes, yes!! So happy for you!!!

BetzE BetzE said at 02:04:00 EDT  
Dan, this is the best! Thank you for sharing and Congratulations!!!

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June 20, 2009

Running - Race
Two Harbors, MN to Duluth, MN
Grandma's Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: HOT & humid!
26.2 miles
(7:49 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

It's never a good idea when you start sweating before the race begins! Really tempted to drop out from the heat, but glad I stuck with it...just combining walking & running for a slow grueling race.

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January 18, 2015

Running - Race

Clearwater FL Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: start: 55 degrees; 94% humididy; WNW wind about 5. At finish, temp probably 65.
26.2 miles
(7:55 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

Thanks to God, my family, and friends--including all of you! Special thanks to Lindsey! I could not have run this race--period--without her help! You all know Lindsey as an amazing person, friend and runner...here to tell you that she is a great PT as well! Amount of hamstring/glute pain all through the race: zero. Thanks, Lindsey!!

I knew going into this race that it would be a 'transition' race for me. Actually, 2 months ago I wasn't sure I could even run it. With the injury, it was a pretty short training cycle. Even up to recently, I still had not gone up to 5-6 days a week running. I knew I was not in "marathon shape", but I had set my goals on 3:15-3:30, which I think was appropriate for the current fitness I was in.

The race itself was beautiful and the runners and staff were really nice. It started and finished in Coachman Park in Clearwater proper, then over a bridge to Clearwater Beach. Toughest hill of the course, but gorgeous views of Clearwater Bay. There was a couple other causeway bridges, and some bridges in the latter bike trail part, but mainly it was a flat course. Beyond Clearwater Bay, we went south through Sand Key, Belleair Beach, Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores. Talk about palm trees and condos! Then moved east inland though a lovely old Florida tree-lined neighborhood. The rest of the course ran north on an asphalt bike trail before a short stretch back to Clearwater proper. Thankfully, it was a cloudy day for the most part, otherwise it would have been a roaster!

My personal race went like this. I was averaging 7:30's through the first half and feeling pretty good. From 14-16, I slowed down a bit...was not feeling ragged, but at that point, I knew I couldn't keep 7:30's for the rest of the race. From 16-finish, it was slower yet and there were some brief walk breaks. Hate doing these, but today they were necessary and they absolutely recharged me when I got back running.

I was fourth in my age group, but with the magic of being a master, I ended up with the 3rd place men 45-49 award, as the guy officially first in the age group got a masters award instead. Really nice award--it is the starfish on the left of the race photo, with the finishers medal (starfish in a circle) on the right. Even the bib was nicely designed and had our full names on it. The woman announcer at the finish line enthusiastically called out finishers names and even got my difficult last name pronounced right! Very nice post race food, entertainment and awards at the park. Had a great time visiting with the runners and the staff. I would absolutely recommend this race.

Song of the day: "Live Each Day" by Nils Lofgren. I did a version of this song on my homemade CD. Theme of the song is doing the best with what you have everyday. Thought it was fitting for my race today.

Dan Dan said at 02:54:00 EDT  
HUGE CONGRATS to Jack and Chuck for fantastic races today!!

baldguy baldguy said at 02:55:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan! Way to come back from your injury. And hardware to boot! Attaboy!!!!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 03:21:00 EDT  
Awesome! Congrats!

JackDuysen JackDuysen said at 04:01:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan! Great race you and should be proud of your effort and result. Thanks for the call post race!

runnerchick runnerchick said at 04:20:00 EDT  

booty booty said at 05:29:00 EDT  
Congrats! Great job!

Karla Karla said at 05:34:00 EDT  
Fantastic! Congratulations to you! Great job!! :)

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 05:38:00 EDT  
as always, another great performance, Dan!

moxie moxie said at 05:45:00 EDT  
Great race, Dan. Congrats on the hardware and coming back from injuries in style :)

Stud Stud said at 06:05:00 EDT  
Sweet race Dan. You're an inspiration to me

Linny Linny said at 07:03:00 EDT  
So happy for you! You so deserve this. :) Congrats.

justinmollak justinmollak said at 09:24:00 EDT  
Awesome race! Congrats!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 10:16:00 EDT  
Great race and recap!! Glorious!!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 09:47:00 EDT  
Finally got around to reading your recap, Dan; thanks for sharing, great job @ Clearwater!

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April 18, 2016

Running - Race
Hopkinton to Boston
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: weather.com sez high 50's; Garmin sez 68; light NE wind, sunny
26.2 miles
(7:57 min/mile)

focuz: Make the most of the gifts that God has given us.

Thanks to God, my family and friends, Coach Mo, my Rhode Island cousins and to you all for getting me though my 11th Boston Marathon! Truly this was not a journey I took on my own. And although it was not the time I had hoped for (or trained for), I must be grateful for being here and finishing as good as I could on the day. It is easy to praise God when things are going along perfectly. Not so easy to praise God when things don't go my own selfish way.

BIG CONGRATS to my Boston running friends Gregg, Shannon, Erik, Trevor, Jack, Dave and Joe! And to all the runners, volunteers and staff. Special thanks to the police and firemen who kept us safe.

The day started off wonderfully with me meeting up with my friend Gregg from South Dakota before boarding the buses. He later introduced me to his friend Shannon and we got on a bus. A few moments later, lo and behold, Erik walks on and says hello! I offered him the seat next to me, with Gregg and Shannon across from me. It was great chatting with the three of them on the bus, and also in Athlete's Village.

The four of us were seated under one of the tents in the Village, as per Gregg's suggestion. I thanked him for this once we were called to leave for our corrals--it was getting hot and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Thankful as well that Erik had some sunscreen which he kindly offered to us and we kindly accepted.

Other than maybe the first few miles, I knew this was not going to be a good race for me. Perhaps I psyched myself out with doom and gloom ideas of the weather--the internet forecast that morning had called for mid-high 50's with cloudy skies. Regarding the discrepancies in the weather posted above, some have told me it was indeed 68 at the Hopkinton start, then temps eased off into the course. The sun never eased off though. The northeast headwind was actually a blessing for some much needed cooling off.

It wasn't just the weather. My feet were heavy in turning over from the git-go. I knew it was only going to get worse as the race progressed. So I had just resigned myself to use this race as a 'training run', incredibly thankful that I had a good Boston Qualifier for 2017 with my recent LA Marathon, so that I didn't have to depend on today's race.

Miles from the start up to 7 were in the low 7's to 7:30 pace, but more struggling than should have been. Miles 8-23 slowed to 7:38-8:28 (slowest on Heartbreak Hill). I took GUs every 30 minutes and drank Gatorade and water at almost every aid station. Also poured water on my head frequently. I was tempted to start doing walk breaks very early on--like mile 10--but resisted that. I kept 'tricking myself' not to walk, even through the 4 tough hills in Newton. I took my last GU at mile 23, got water and did a brief walk there and resumed running to the finish, remainder splits at mid 8's.

Highlights of the run:
-Erik's friend from law school gave me a friendly shout out as she passed me on the course, saying "Hey Nebraska!"
-I passed 3 time Boston champ (94-96) Uta Pippig just past mile 17 (fire station turn)...I said "UTA!", she looked over and I high fived her! I told her thanks for being a great role model and inspiration to us. I saw later that she finished in 3:38.
-My Rhode Island cousins--this year it was Mary Lou plus her daughters Lee Ann and Jen--cheering me at mile 24 (Coolidge Corner). They said I looked good going by. I told them I had put on a fake happy face for them! (The race photo is post race with them after a late lunch.)
-Finishing the race.

Song of the day: "Every Grain of Sand" by Bob Dylan. Such beautiful lyrics. I was thinking of all the runners, all the people in the crowd, and that there is an individual story for all of them, and that God knows us intimately, like 'every grain of sand'. So this song came to mind.
"In the fury of the moment, I can see the Master's hand
In every leaf that trembles, in every grain of sand..."

hskrrs hskrrs said at 02:23:00 EDT  
Got 'er done! Congrats!

Edie Edie said at 02:32:00 EDT  

dordio dordio said at 02:41:00 EDT  

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 03:32:00 EDT  
you did excellent!!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 03:37:00 EDT  
Congratulations! It was great getting to know you better on the bus ride and waiting around. It definitely made the time go by much quicker.

Ecto1 Ecto1 said at 03:40:00 EDT  
Inspirational, as always, Dan. Congratulations!

justinmollak justinmollak said at 04:47:00 EDT  
Awesome, Dan! It was great tracking you!

BetzE BetzE said at 05:56:00 EDT  
Dan - you're one of a kind :). Well done!

Linny Linny said at 06:56:00 EDT  
So happy for you. Job well done once again. We all are so lucky you are on this site, Dan. :). Just like I told you, so proud to call you friend. :)

starguy starguy said at 07:08:00 EDT  
Congrats on another Boston Dan!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 11:19:00 EDT  
Great write up, Dan! Dig that song.

jjjogger jjjogger said at 06:35:00 EDT  
Very nice summary. Great job.

CoachGoz CoachGoz said at 01:31:00 EDT  
Dan - your faith inspires me! Congrats on another Boston!

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September 15, 2018

Running - Race

Bismarck Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 57; ENE wind 8 mph
26.2 miles
(7:59 min/mile)

focuz: Miami 10 years on...

Thanks to God, my family and friends! As I approach 10 years since my father's passing this November, I especially had him and my mother in my thoughts throughout the race. My siblings and myself will never begin to repay all the love and sacrifices they have done for us.

I certainly went into this race with a lot of trepidation. I had some horrible workouts, and one in particular where I was writing my own running obituary. There were a few unforeseen little injuries also that had me taking a few days off here and there from running. Mostly, it was a slowing of all my paces, from easy to speedwork, that got me down. I knew that my 'faster' race days were behind me, but the sheer amount of slowing was ridiculous to me.

But I had tried to keep a positive attitude. My injuries had not been serious ones. And I was thankful that I could run period and have the opportunity to participate in many races and wonderful opportunities. So my "A" goal was to go out to Bismarck, enjoy the race, and this will sound cliche, but to DO MY BEST. My "B" goal was a finish time of 3:20-3:30.

On race morning, I arrived at the start/finish area in lovely Cottonwood Park at 6:15 am for the 7:30 start. I was told this was plenty of time for parking and they were right...I parked in the lot adjacent to the start/finish chute. At 57 degrees and 8 mph wind, my cold-blooded self was shivering as I waited for the start, even with arm warmers and gloves on...probably some nervousness thrown in as well. The gun went off and I knew that the first few miles were crucial to solidify a not-too-fast pace, my aim was 7:45-8:00. In some of my workouts, I had doubted whether this was even possible come raceday. But the paces were there, and I didn't feel like I was overdoing it or underdoing it. Good sign number one! Arm warmers and gloves were off shortly after the start and the weather felt great to me.

I found out that the vast majority of the course was on asphalt, with very little concrete stretches. And it was very flat with the exception of 2 bridges over the mighty Missouri river...but even these bridges had gentle inclines and declines (note--these bridges connected the cities of Mandan on the west and Bismarck on the east). So I had these things going for me. And I had friendly people around me--the runners, the volunteers and the spectators. The race was a combination full, half, 10K, 5K and marathon relay. The 4 relay exchange points served as "cheering stations" as well and added to the fun. Right after the first relay station was the Expressway Bridge, then the half marathoners split from us. I heard the guy behind me comment on how 'lonely' it felt with the majority of the pack going a different way.

We were on a combination loop and out-and back from miles 6-15 through the city of Mandan. I was keeping my projected split times and my experience taught me that it was 'comfortably' challenging, but not-too-hard for the many miles that lay ahead. Good sign number 2.

Before the turnaround at mile 11, the guy I heard talking about the full/half split getting 'lonely', came around me and we had a nice visit. His name also was Dan...was from Iowa but had worked in the past at the Bobcat factory in Bismarck. AND was going to work for Caterpillar! So we had a good conversation as I operate both Caterpillar and Bobcat equipment in my job, and we also talked running. The very act of talking didn't leave me breathless while running and this was good sign number 3. But after a few minutes I realized that, for myself anyway, I needed to stop talking and concentrate on the race. So I explained this to Dan and encouraged him to go ahead and I will enjoy talking to him again post race. He pleasantly understood and ran ahead.

My splits in the first half were 7:45ish, and then gradually went to 8:00ish for the second half. Felt like my effort was consistent. Just past halfway, we had a stretch to the east, which was a headwind. Even though the wind probably didn't get above 10 mph for the race, it got to be pesky running into it. At this stretch, a woman passed me and said, "hey, I'll break some of this wind for you". I thanked her, and she very consistently ran a quicker pace ahead of me until after a few miles she was out of my sight. She finished as the 3rd place woman and I had visited with her post finish, thanking her again and congratulating her on a great race.

The 2nd bridge was Memorial Bridge which returned us to Bismarck from Mandan. This beautiful bridge commemorated our brave military and would be featured on the finisher's medal. More thoughts of my dad as he served in the Marines. Then we did another out and back on the Riverfront trail for miles 16-20. I gave, and got, a lot of thumbs up and smiles and nice comments on this out and back and on the previous one...reminded me of the old Corporate Cup route. I had passed my new friend Dan on this stretch and we exchanged words of encouragement.

From miles 20 to the finish, I knew that it was all-important to...in the words of Shalane Flanagan..."keep my s*** together". Obviously at this point things were getting more difficult but it was not overwhelming to me. I knew I had a good pace going and was determined not to blow it. I kept doing the math and projecting possible finish times. The time of 3:20 was out, but going under 3:30 was not. I knew I could not make any mistakes...from extremes of doing ridiculous surges to giving into walking. It sounds like a little thing, but no walking and no slow jogging on the the late stages of the race was another goal for this race, which I thankfully accomplished. I got through it, one mile at a time, thinking of Dick Beardsley's approach. I even passed some folks in the last few miles. Oh, that sub 3:30 was going to be close, I kept thinking! Finally the finish line (and my car) were in sight and I ran through the chute, knowing that I gave this race my very best effort.

I finished in 3:29:20 with a huge relief, and a lot of smiling post race. I had a wonderful time visiting with runners, volunteers and spectators after the race. I finished 4th in men's 50-54 age group, but actually got the 3rd place award as the guy who came in first was the first Master...he got that award and thanks to no double-dipping, I got 3rd place in my age group. Age group winners got a cool race jacket! This was just a part of the nice race swag from Bismarck--the participant's technical long sleeve shirt with hood, a winter cap and a backpack were for all participants; plus I bought 2 pairs of gloves, a baseball cap and a cowbell for 2 dollars--no kidding!! Kudos to the organizers, volunteers and spectators for the Bismarck Marathon...I thanked as many of them as I could.

Song of the day: "Some Must Dream" by Nils Lofgren. Breathlessly beautiful intro harmonics, heartfelt lyrics and a dazzling acoustic ending solo. I got the chance to hear this song at my first Nils shows in 1990 when it was a then-unreleased new song. Best to Nils as he just began a string of Northeast concert dates.

dordio dordio said at 01:40:00 EDT  
Here we go!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 06:30:00 EDT  

freejack freejack said at 02:39:00 EDT  
Love love love!!!!

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April 15, 2019

Running - Race

Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(8:02 min/mile)

focuz: Boston #14...and hopefully #15

BOSTON number 14!! I was so happy to return to Boston! Especially relieved that I had a qualifying time for next year's 2020 Boston Marathon as well, from my Eisenhower Marathon nine days prior. Going into the race, I thought that I could just enjoy the experience since I had a qualifier...and also run it easy since I would not be anywhere near 100 percent because of the back-to-back races.

For race weekend, I got to Boston on Friday, went to the expo and met up with Scott, Kristy, and her husband Chad for a nice visit. On Saturday, we had a party of 11 (myself and my Rhode Island/Massachusetts cousins) for a wonderful mini-reunion and lunch. I was especially touched and grateful that my cousin Stacey had come, as she was diagnosed with cancer last year, battled the disease, and came out cancer free, happy and healthy one year later! On Sunday, Scott, Kristy, Chad, myself, plus a family that were friends of Scott's did the fun Boston "Duck" tour on land and water!

Race morning. Luckily, it looked like the predicted rain would be before and after the race, and that is what happened. Thank heavens it was not like last year's nightmare weather of headwinds, heavy rain and starting at 38 degrees or so. I went to get on the bus at 6:00 and who is there among the 30,000 runners but Scott and Kristy! I talked Scott's ear off on the bus ride to Hopkinton. On the trip, the buses pulled over twice due to lightning and heavy rain. Each stop was about 10-15 minutes, and I was wondering if they may delay the race start if this goes on...thankfully this did not happen. At Athlete's Village I always love meeting runners from all over and chatting.

I was in the 2nd corral of the 2nd wave, which went off at 10:25 am Boston time. The temp was 57 degrees, with a 10 mph SSE wind and cloudy. That first mile is always jam crowded, elbow-to-elbow. I was just doing what Obi Wan instructed Luke to do in "A New Hope"...put the blast shield down and go on instinct...translated to the race: going on feel. The majority of the course up to mile 16 is downhill and I was thinking of what Mo taught me for downhill running, and also letting gravity "do the work" so as to conserve energy, which would have been my wise father's advice. Once the crowding dissipated a bit, I also tried to enter into a prayer state, thinking about all of our safety and doing this for God. I always dedicate my races to my dad as well.

First mile split was 7:30 and I thought, "well, that was downhill and just my first mile of 26.2...ease up, kid". My average pace at Eisenhower over the whole thing was 7:36, and I thought there is no way I was going to pull that off again 9 days later. But I kept trying to back off the pace and I kept getting 7:30ish on my Garmin! I was feeling good and it did not feel like I was "pushing" my limits. I heard the Red Sox classic of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" twice in maybe the first 5 miles! Amazing crowds as always! Going though the first few beautiful New England towns of Hopkinton, Ashland and Natick... There was a sign that said "Leaving Natick" and so I yelled out to the crowd, "See ya next year, Natick!!"

I went through each 5K split, wondering how long I could hold the 7:30ish pace. At some points I was wondering if I would do a similar time to Eisenhower...better think twice on that one, kid. Just past the "scream tunnel" of Wellesley was the half marathon mark...I have done some races where I hit the half and it FEELS like I did a half marathon effort...it did NOT feel like this! OK, I knew mile 15 was a serious downhill before the 4 Newton hills from miles 16-21. Just enjoy it, because a very tough road is ahead. I did the first hill of the 4 hills with no walking. But after the majority of downhills previously and the sun coming out...AND that 7:30ish pace...it kind if hit me. Not like hitting the wall, but it was very significant.

I got past the firehouse turn just past mile 17 and did my first walk break. And just like potato chips, the walk break was addictive, and "you can't have just one." I told my cousins later that before the Newton hills, I had a hard time remembering that I had ran a race 9 days before...and after the Newton hills, I DID NOT have a hard time remembering this!! I wasn't cramping in the legs, but I was fatigued. I had my BQ time for next year, so I was not going to overly push today. For the remaining 3 Newton hills (concluding with Heartbreak Hill), I made sure I ran at least part of them. Did some walk breaks after the hills were over also. I gave myself permission for this and did not care. Many in the crowd encouraged me, yelling my number "9642" or "Go, Star Wars", as I was wearing a Star Wars cap! If I was walking, I nodded, waved, or gave a thumbs-up to them that I was indeed finishing this thing, just taking a walk break at the time.

Once past Heartbreak Hill, you go down that famous hill and approach the cheers of Boston College. The worst of the course is over, but you still have 5 miles to go. Then past Coolidge Corner where my cousins Viv, Mary Lou and Stacey were (thanks, ladies!), down-and-up an underpass, right on Hereford, and--would you know it--left on Boylston once again! Got my medal and hugged the woman who gave it to me. I thanked the volunteers and the police for a beautiful and safe journey from Hopkinton to the finish!

I had a joyful reunion again meeting Viv, Mary Lou and Stacey at Chef Chow's House in Brookline. This is nearby where they watch at Coolidge Corner, at about mile 24. Excellent Chinese lunch/dinner and a beautiful time together! After that, I did the Fenway Park post-race party where Jen and Matt took time out to meet me for a lovely visit! The next day, I had breakfast and a great post-race chat with Scott and Kristy! CONGRATS to Matt, Scott, Kristy and ALL the runners!

Thanks as always to God, my family and friends! I could not have done this without all of you. You inspire me and keep me coming back.

Song of the day: "Wonderland" by Nils Lofgren. On this day, the Wonderland was the Boylston finish line!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 05:06:00 EDT  
tracking ya!!

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March 27, 2004

Running - Race

Eisenhower Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 40ish, windy!
26.2 miles
(8:08 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

My first marathon...a real learning experience. It was an out & back course, mostly flat, but the challenge was the WIND. I was into a headwind first half, then a tailwind. I fought the wind way too much in the first half & thought the 2nd half would be easy--WRONG! I had spent myself too much & even with a strong tailwind I ended up alternating walking/running from 18 or so onward. Otherwise nice course & friendly people there.

PR Rank: 53
April 20, 2015

Running - Race
Hopkinton MA to Boston MA
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 40's, off and on rain, E wind 10-20 mph (headwind!)
26.2 miles
(8:13 min/mile)

focuz: 1. Faith, Hope and Love. 2. Add 2015 to jacket following 4/20/15.

(Updated, longer version from before)

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Ndorfnz & friends Boston runners!!! Tough day out there, and you all EARNED this one!!!

Thanks to God, my family and friends, including all of you for getting me across the finish line for my 10th Boston Marathon! The combination of my cousin's support (and cheering me) + all the Ndorfriends support was unstoppable. I was deeply touched by the time spent with my cousins Saturday and today; as well as the lunch gathering yesterday on my birthday with many of the Ndorfnz gang and friends. Both were great turnouts and I have to thank each and every one of you! Mugshot is from the lunch yesterday.

The finishing time is obviously not what I wanted, but believe it or not, I felt I ran a good race for myself on this day. I told myself beforehand that if the headwinds and rain were overbearing, that it would not be a good idea to fight mother nature. I really ran by effort the whole way and looking at the big picture--will I have enough in the tank for the whole race, pace yourself, etc... Awesome to see Amy's husband Matt and others (just caught them out of the corner of my eye so I didn't see who) out there cheering. Since my time goals were out the window, I did challenge myself not to walk or pause in the race. Somehow I made it through the entire race, including the Newton hills and beyond, running...albeit I got slower throughout the race. Great moment when Lindsey (who started in the wave after me) gave me encouragement as she passed me at mile 25...thanks and AWESOME race, Linds!

After finishing, I am not embarrassed to admit that when they put the medal on me that I got choked up. All this weekend I was blowing about this being my 10th Boston, but it wasn't finalized until I crossed the finish line. The medal symbolized it for me.

Song of the day: "Dreams Die Hard" by Nils Lofgren.
The song was always so meaningful to me, and especially today I was NOT going to let this dream die! Fitting today also as the video link is actually from Copley Plaza in Boston in 1993, just steps from the finish line. A beautiful solo acoustic version of the song from Nils. "May all your dreams die hard"...got that right, Nils!

baldguy baldguy said at 08:11:00 EDT  
Have a great race Dan!

Pedro Pedro said at 03:13:00 EDT  
Great attitude and great race Dan.

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 03:26:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan!! 10 Boston finishes is amazing. What a valiant effort in those conditions and staying strong. You will always remember this one.

dordio dordio said at 03:37:00 EDT  
PROPS Dan! Hope you enjoyed the journey!

rudy rudy said at 03:51:00 EDT  
Great Job! Dan

Ecto1 Ecto1 said at 03:57:00 EDT  
That's awesome, Dan! Thanks for sharing.

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 04:34:00 EDT  
Well done, Dan!!

JackDuysen JackDuysen said at 05:00:00 EDT  
I admire that kind of courage and effort! It was tough out there today.

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 05:17:00 EDT  
Nicely done, Dan! 10 Fingers in the Air across the finish line was fantastic!!

Karla Karla said at 05:22:00 EDT  
Great job ,Dan!!! So happy for you!

starguy starguy said at 05:40:00 EDT  
Great race Dan! Gotta be happy about 10!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:47:00 EDT  

Linny Linny said at 06:11:00 EDT  
Dan, you are just awesome. What a guy. So proud of you. You deserve all the best. Well done. Congrats on the Big 10. :)

Dan Dan said at 07:03:00 EDT  
Thanks for your kind words!

Edie Edie said at 07:20:00 EDT  
It was great seeing you this weekend Dan.

Dan Dan said at 07:42:00 EDT  
^Ditto, great seeing you and Abby!

bsypal bsypal said at 08:40:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!

baldguy baldguy said at 08:41:00 EDT  
Super job!

BG BG said at 10:21:00 EDT  
Way to go Dan

justinmollak justinmollak said at 10:25:00 EDT  
Great race, Dan!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:23:00 EDT  
Great job, Dan! Loved the recap!

Stud Stud said at 08:30:00 EDT  
So happy for you Danny Man...

Britalian Britalian said at 06:55:00 EDT  
Wow! You are amazing.. Congratulations Dan!!

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January 28, 2018

Running - Race

Town of Celebration Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 63; 94% humidity
26.2 miles
(8:25 min/mile)

focuz: Jubilee

Thanks to God, my family and friends. Without you all, I would not have taken a step.

I had some negative thoughts on this race before I began. In the training cycle, an old injury of left high hamstring/glute threatened and I backed off some mileage and intensity. Stretched and exercised the injury, but it never really went away. I knew at least to lighten up or the injury would flare more. Better to have a slow race than no race. Also, I was consumed with trying to get my CD done and while working on the music was a positive thing, I was dealing with a divided mind, so to speak. The CD is not done, but it is getting much closer. And I wouldn't have traded not working on it or delaying it.

The race itself, the organizers and volunteers were wonderful. Small but enthusiastic crowd support. Very, very flat, lots of shade and beautiful trees. My one complaint about the race was the frequent "boardwalks"--they were narrow, long and winding. They made it very difficult to try to run tangents, as you want to be respectful of other direction traffic and also those wanting to pass you. And thankfully it didn't rain, otherwise I am sure the wood would have been very slick to run on.

Starting out too fast, especially on a marathon, is always a challenge to me. I have to train myself to think slower. First mile didn't "feel" fast, but the Garmin clicked off 7:05...where I wanted to be on the slow end of 7:15-7:30. Back off, Dan, I told myself. Mile 2 was 7:10--not enough backing off. Then hit 7:14-7:34 for the next 10 miles or so. The overall feeling I got was that this was going to be a rough one.

The course was 2 loops, and I had some thoughts to peel off at the half and cut my losses. NO, I would not, just soldier on and get it done. The running got slower, walk breaks got more frequent, and my attitude was gradually getting worse. I am ashamed that I was turning into a wimp. As Yoda says, sometimes failure is the greatest teacher. I will take that with me as I train for Boston. And I don't feel like I 'failed', but just that I could have done things better.

Song of the day: "Dream Big" by Nils Lofgren.

BetzE BetzE said at 12:36:00 EDT  
The great thing is that you started and finished and you have such a great perspective on things. Huge congrats, Dan! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:45:00 EDT  
Got it done. Congrats.

dordio dordio said at 07:41:00 EDT  
Love your perspective, hopefully see you in BOSTON!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 02:51:00 EDT  
Thanks for circling back to recap; great attitude!

freejack freejack said at 02:12:00 EDT  
Loved reading this, thank you for the recap Dan. You are one of the smartest runners I know. Congrats!

PR Rank: 55
April 16, 2018

Running - Race

Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

26.2 miles
(8:28 min/mile)

focuz: Bismarck

Thirteenth Boston Marathon finish! I always thank God, family and friends. I must specify a few folks on this one. Thanks to my dad for his life of example; to Carl for words of perspective; to a woman from mass this past Sunday who encouraged me to run to Jesus; and to my cousin Stacey. Stacey is undergoing an unexpected health crisis bravely. I used my race as a prayer to her and also thinking that I can endure a few hours in the elements while she undergoes something infinitely more difficult.

On race morning I had all of those things in mind. I really could have been very easily thrown off mentally by the wind, cold and rain, beginning with stepping outside my hotel door, but I tried to soldier on in my mind and in my movement. On the bus to Hopkinton, I was seated to a man named Raphael who was from Spain originally but now resides in London. Wonderful conversation with him! The Athlete's Village in Hopkinton was a soggy, muddy mess. Even though I got a spot under one of the huge tents and I sat on a trash bag liner, the ground was about as solid as if you ran a slice of bread under water. There was no turning back now. Finally as my second wave was called on the loudspeakers, I just wanted to get running to physically get the body warmer and to start the goal for today. Sounds cliché, but truly for me that day, the goal was only to FINISH, as smartly as I could. The strong headwind and weather made me ignore any time goals I had. I mainly thought of running for Stacey and being patient with myself for 26.2 miles.

What a HUGE relief to actually start running! Physically warmed me up and I was doing what I set out to do. The crowds may have been a bit thinner than usual, but they were as enthusiastic as ever, plus the volunteers were amazing as usual. At some point I got used to the ridiculosity (if that is a word) of running with the headwind, rain and cold and even enjoyed it...not all the time though! Thankfully I was surrounded by folks who had the same goals and dreams, so I was far from out there alone.

About mile 4 I heard someone say "are you alright?" and looked over to the center of the road where a young woman had taken a nasty fall. She was crying and a man right there helped her up...thank God for that or she could have been easily trampled in the confusion of the race and the weather conditions. I went over and helped her get to the side of the road and out of the heavy traffic of the runners. A friend of hers who was not running side by side with her realized her fall and came back to help. She comforted her but also encouraged her to get back out there and run with her. Soon they took off and the two of them were another inspiration for me that day.

The advantage of running the race several times for me was the familiarity of the route. Kind of like when you are a kid with a long but familiar car ride ahead, where the businesses and the hills, trees and other sites were markers to help you along. Most of you know how I loathe the cold, so I began the race with tons of thin layers, thinking that I would start getting overheated in a few miles and take off one layer at a time as needed. That never happened! Although I wasn't shaking cold like pre-race, I wasn't hot either and I didn't want to loose any layers. The "moisture wicking" gear and shoes were getting heavier as the race went on. And I needed windshield wipers both on the front and inside of my glasses. Just think of Stacey and what she is going through, I kept telling myself. Each of the cities of Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesly, Newton, Brookline and finally Boston brought their own familiar sights of relief that I was slowly accomplishing the goal.

As much as I could, I tried to take in the experience of the Boston course. I knew that I stood a better chance of going one on one in basketball with Lebron James than I did with "fighting" the weather, so I truly just ran by feel and thinking of the energy needed to make the entire distance. Even though it was a slow race for me, I am pleased with myself that I ran pretty consistently, even through the Newton Hills. I did take a few walk breaks, but not many and not for long. Everything after Heartbreak Hill is a relief for me. Soon you are on a serious downhill and the cheers from Boston College await. I had mentioned to my Rhode Island cousins Vivian and Mary Lou (who have always watched me at Coolidge Corner, mile 24) that if the weather is horrible as predicted, that I would not be offended if they decide not to come to the race. Thankfully they decided not to attend, but I still took inspiration from them as I passed Coolidge Corner. Soon Kenmore Square, the Charlesgate, Mass Ave underpass and the right of Hereford, left on Boylston came up. AND the glorious finish under the decorated canopy across from the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street! It is always emotional to finish any marathon, and this one today was special.

Thankfully my hotel was near the finish. As soon as I stopped running, my body temperature was like an ice cube. I told my sister that I may not have been the fastest runner in the race, but that I was one of the fastest walkers post race. Got warmed up and called and texted family and friends. Huge congrats to all runners, including Jackie, Gary W., Erik, Shawn...and to Desi for the win!

It is always true that I could never have taken a step in any race, let alone finish, without God. It was true today more than ever. And thanks also to everyone who got me through it, ESPECIALLY Stacey. This one was for you!

Song of the day: "Believe" by Nils Lofgren.

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 07:42:00 EDT  
I can't imagine the determination it took to get through that! awesome job, Dan!

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April 21, 2014

Running - Race
Hopkinton to Boston
Boston Marathon

Certified? Yes

Weather: 50-60; sunny, slight breeze
26.2 miles
(8:38 min/mile)

focuz: Faith, Hope and Love

CONGRATULATIONS to all Ndorfnz racers in Boston for a fantastic representation! And, I am thrilled for Meb, the hardest working man in running...and the biggest heart! What an example he sets for us.

Thanks to God, my family and friends and all of you NRDORFriends for helping me not only get to the finish line, but helping me get me to the starting line as well. Special thanks to the SC crew. With my surgery in January and an injury in February/March, it has not been a smooth, uninterrupted training period. I missed LOTS of running this year. Definitely it tested my patience and faith...I am forever grateful to all of you for your friendship, advice and believing in me.

Pre-race, I had a most wonderful visit with Ashley in Athlete's Village. She is as genuine a person as she is a runner. Best to her and her great family.

The race did not go according to plan, to say the least. I thought I could shoot for a 3:15ish finish. In hindsight, I was nowhere near ready for that effort given all the recent running I missed, probably a 3:30 would have been a more appropriate goal at this time for me. The first half went good as far as splits went, but when you pass the halfway mat and you FEEL like that effort could have been a half marathon effort, you are in for trouble ahead. So I fell apart in the second half, with lots of walking breaks. Many people texted me afterwards, wondering if my knee bursa injury had raised its ugly head--it had not. That injury I think is completely behind me, thank God. The slow 2nd half was due only to the missed running this year.

But I knew this marathon was bigger than me or my own little world. I ran for my father, as always; but also this time for the 4 killed and hundreds injured in the tragedy in Boston last year. There was no way I was giving this race up with these factors, so I did whatever I could to get to the finish line. Time was irrelevant.

Disappointed in myself?--nope. This was just one race, and I did my best with what I had on the day. I am confident that I will get back on track for my next marathon (NYC in November) and a few halfs in between.

Finally...huge thanks to the truly great people and fans of Boston itself. They helped me tremendously and this year's race was an important emotional time for fans and runners alike. There was one instance past Boston College where I was walking and looking rough and a group in the crowd chanted my race number "6439, 6439, 6439...", and then I got back running to an explosion of HUGE cheers from them! Many offered water, ice, oranges, towels on their own all through the course. As well, many gave me verbal and nonverbal encouragement when I was at my lowest. I am proud that today was my 9th Boston finish. I have a qualifying time (from Omaha 2013) to come back to Boston in 2015 and I cannot wait for next year's race. I have always said, if I can keep qualifying I will keep returning year after year to the Boston Marathon.

starguy starguy said at 04:59:00 EDT  
Nice race with all the issues you've had recently Dan! Glad everything held together!

justinmollak justinmollak said at 05:03:00 EDT  
Nice race, Dan!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 05:11:00 EDT  
Nice job Dan!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 05:15:00 EDT  
Great job.

gohokies gohokies said at 05:44:00 EDT  
Congrats Dan!!!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:49:00 EDT  
Congratulations, Dan! I hope you enjoyed every step!

powerfade powerfade said at 06:31:00 EDT  
Great work Dan!

moxie moxie said at 06:54:00 EDT  
Solid race, Dan. Way to get it done!

TheGunShow TheGunShow said at 07:58:00 EDT  
Nice job Dan.

BetzE BetzE said at 08:05:00 EDT  
Congratulations Dan! What an end to your trifecta weekend :)

JackDuysen JackDuysen said at 08:19:00 EDT  
I'm so impressed with your result considering the challenges you have faced! You should be very proud of this effort on a day that was too warm. It was great visiting with you at supper on Sunday.

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 08:25:00 EDT  
Great job Dan! Boston is definitely your race of passion.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 09:50:00 EDT  

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 09:59:00 EDT  
you did great. so inspiring!

DD DD said at 10:14:00 EDT  
Way to go Dan!! :)

Bohldog Bohldog said at 10:23:00 EDT  
Nice job pushing through Dan. That had to be a lot of fun out there this week!

kcsMom kcsMom said at 10:42:00 EDT  
Great job Dan!

Linny Linny said at 12:15:00 EDT  
So proud of you, Dan. You have battled back after a rough start to the year. Congrats on a well deserved Boston race. :)

Dan Dan said at 04:47:00 EDT  
Thanks to all of you!

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 07:51:00 EDT  
Great Job Dan!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 08:16:00 EDT  

sportspt sportspt said at 09:25:00 EDT  
Proud of all you overcame to finish, Dan . . . I know how much this race means to you . . . great job! --David

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 09:26:00 EDT  
Great recap; thanks for sharing, Dan!

CoachGoz CoachGoz said at 01:27:00 EDT  
It was really nice to read your reflection! Congrats!

DD DD said at 10:44:00 EDT  
Wonderful attitude Dan! Keep up the amazing work!

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 10:11:00 EDT  
Love your recap...you have such a great perspective on life and on running! Thank you again for everything pre-race! Great job to you!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 10:29:00 EDT  
Great attitude and wonderful effort, Dan!!