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PR Rank: 1
November 9, 2014

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
Weather: Upper 40's, a little breeze
13.1 miles
(6:42 min/mile)
Shoe: PI N1 Y/O
16.14 miles on shoe

focuz: 2016 BQ
New PR by 3+ minutes. Blew away my 1:30 goal. I'm now officially excited for CIM. The BQ is looking to be a little more within reach.

I followed CN, Edie, & Lindsy M. for the first 5 miles when they started to drop me. Legs started to come around at 6.5 and I was able to pick the pace back up and start picking folks off. Struggled a bit up the pedestrian bridge but it was fun finishing on the downhill. Great to see all the familiar faces all morning.

Official results took 1 second off my time. Ran the first half in 44:15 & the second half in 43:39.

Dan Dan said at 03:08:00 EDT  
WOW! Gotta be great to PR in the half with a full coming up!! Congrats and good luck at CIM!!

Linny Linny said at 03:34:00 EDT  
Nice work!! Great race.

starguy starguy said at 03:39:00 EDT  
Great race Erik! Bring on CIM!

baldguy baldguy said at 04:10:00 EDT  

bsypal bsypal said at 04:14:00 EDT  
Nice job Eric. Great seeing you on the course.

Edie Edie said at 04:56:00 EDT  
Very nice meeting you today.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:10:00 EDT  
Congrats Eric!

justinmollak justinmollak said at 05:31:00 EDT  

Squints Squints said at 06:04:00 EDT  
Boom! See you at CIM

moxie moxie said at 06:54:00 EDT  
Nice PR. Great year you're having.

smilEy smilEy said at 07:01:00 EDT  
You are a rockstar! You looked strong when you took off. Great race and excited for you at CIM!

kcsMom kcsMom said at 08:45:00 EDT  

Linny Linny said at 09:32:00 EDT  
Boom. Nice. :)

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 11:31:00 EDT  
OUTSTANDING! You just get faster and faster!

PR Rank: 2
November 1, 2015

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
Weather: 60's, bit of wind, sunny
13.1 miles
(6:48 min/mile)
Shoe: PI N1 Screaming Yellow
13.1 miles on shoe

focuz: Race for fun in 2015. Boston 2016
Not a good race. Goal was to beat my PR from last year. Went out at 6:30 pace until just before 8 miles and then got weak mentally. Right quad was also bugging me a bit. Last year I felt like crap until the half way point then sped up. This year I felt like crap and the legs just never came back.

Dan Dan said at 05:30:00 EDT  
Don't knock yourself down...that is a fantastic time! Plus you did what you could with your quad issue.

Linny Linny said at 07:40:00 EDT  
Totally agree with Dan! Awesome time!!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 07:43:00 EDT  
^Mind let me down more than the quad.

bsypal bsypal said at 08:26:00 EDT  
Nice work

PR Rank: 3
April 7, 2019

Running - Race
Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: humid
13.1 miles
(7:02 min/mile)
Shoe: Nike Flyknit 4 percent
22.44 miles on shoe

focuz: Just keep running.
Bathroom stop at about 4.5 miles.

PR Rank: 4
May 7, 2017

Running - Race

Lincoln Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: Warm & sunny
13.1 miles
(7:06 min/mile)

focuz: Get the Family moved to CO
Probably not my best decision. Went hard for 10k and then backed off. Blisters were coming on strong by mile 8. That's what I get for wearing shoes that are too small and that I've never raced in. Still a course PR, but I haven't run the half here for a long time.

justinmollak justinmollak said at 03:57:00 EDT  
Nice work regardless! Good chatting with you after

Hasheri Hasheri said at 05:30:00 EDT  
Good chatting with you too. I had to sit around for about 3 hours waiting for my ride to get done.

jjjogger jjjogger said at 06:20:00 EDT  
Great job

Dan Dan said at 09:22:00 EDT  
Congrats Erik! Nice to see you also!

PR Rank: 5
June 1, 2019

Running - Race
Hastings, NE
Half Hastings Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(7:09 min/mile)
Shoe: Reebok Floatride wh/or
13.1 miles on shoe

focuz: Just keep running.
Last minute signup, planned to take it as a tempo but that went out the window when the gun went off. Was in about 6th for the first few then caught 2 in front of me and ran with 4th for awhile, let him pull away around 6, then caught him at 10 and never looked back. Ran fairly consistently. Slowed about 10 sec per mile the last few miles.

PR Rank: 6
September 23, 2012

Running - Race

Omaha Half

Certified? Yes
Weather: Chilly with no wind
13.1 miles
(8:12 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Green Silence
26.2 miles on shoe

focuz: Coaching my 5 yr old daughter's soccer team.
New PR. Took over 3 minutes off my time from Grand Island a couple weeks ago. Wasn't feeling great for the first 5 miles but maintained my pace. Felt really great when I realized they took out the steep hill. Did the last 4 mines in sub 8 minute pace getting faster on each mile and I still had a lot left in the tank. I bonked during the last mile in GI and was probably being too cautious.
Great meeting more of the Ndorfolkz. Sorry I couldn't stick around for the get together tonight.

BetzE BetzE said at 05:00:00 EDT  
Great! Congrats!

Dan Dan said at 05:03:00 EDT  
Congrats on the race and PR!

starguy starguy said at 05:44:00 EDT  
Congrats on the PR!

smilEy smilEy said at 05:59:00 EDT  
Great job, congrats!

onemoremile onemoremile said at 06:14:00 EDT  

booty booty said at 06:42:00 EDT  
Nice PR!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 06:50:00 EDT  
Yay for the pR!

baldguy baldguy said at 07:23:00 EDT  
2 half marys in two weeks - amazing!

Roadie Roadie said at 07:53:00 EDT  
Nice run!

TommyBoy TommyBoy said at 08:11:00 EDT  
Great Run! Congrats on the PR!

shoeless shoeless said at 08:24:00 EDT  
Great race!

KtB KtB said at 10:10:00 EDT  
Great to meet you today. Awesome race

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 10:47:00 EDT  
Congrats on the PR!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:39:00 EDT  

RunDMC RunDMC said at 12:31:00 EDT  
Great job on the PR!