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PR Rank: 1
September 20, 2015

Running - Race

Omaha Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:45 min/mile)
Shoe: Saucony Kinvara 4
41.41 miles on shoe

focuz: Sub 2:40 in 2015

PR Rank: 2
September 23, 2012

Running - Race

Omaha Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:48 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Racer
130.49 miles on shoe

focuz: Do What I Do
Wow! I totalled surprised myself on this one. I just wanted to go out in a very conservative pace and and try to negative split it past the 6 mile mark. Went out with the lead group (of course) and right away, Allan Higley yells, "What are you doing hOg, you can't be up there!!" Ha. I started talking to a guy, who got 2nd in the Sioux Falls Marathon two weeks ago, which really helped me to relax a little. We ran together for 12 miles. It was awesome. We had some even splits throughout the race. I couldn't have asked for a better day, the weather, the support, and the cheers.

I knew I was ready for this race when Lindsey, her Aunt, Dude, and I were warming up and I had to stop and puke. Before every race in high school and in college, I always puked. I was in my zone today.

Always good to run your PR and quickly someone reminded me, "Hey hOg, you're still my 3 second bitch!!!" HaHa. Loved it! Thanks, Dordio!

It was great to see everyone out and encouraging today. I do not want to begin to name everyone as I will not get everyone's name. All in all, great day!

Splits: 6:01, 5:52, 5:52, 5:52, 5:50, 11:35 (6 and 7). 5:52, 6:00 (hill), 5:35, 5:38, 5:38, 5:30, :38.

TommyBoy TommyBoy said at 11:02:00 EDT  
Awesome Race Scott! Congrats!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 12:15:00 EDT  
Simply amazing race Scott!!! Impressive and I am very proud of you!

camann camann said at 01:29:00 EDT  
Nice job today!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 02:43:00 EDT  
FIRST AMERICAN! WOO HOO! I wish I had video of you coming down the stretch. It was epic.

Kamster Kamster said at 02:56:00 EDT  
you are amazing Scott!!! awesome!!!

onemoremile onemoremile said at 02:58:00 EDT  
Even better: Me: "Hey, Scott is leading in the half". Response: "Scott HAUG?!!!!" Classic!!!

onemoremile onemoremile said at 02:59:00 EDT  
Or you yelling: "I know, I know. I should NOT be up here!!"

LewEE LewEE said at 03:03:00 EDT  
Nice race, Scott. Official results say 1:16:00. You can have that second if you give me a second.

moyer moyer said at 03:04:00 EDT  
Nice to see you pushing it a bit baldguy.

jjjogger jjjogger said at 03:17:00 EDT  
Great job..

STACK STACK said at 03:25:00 EDT  
GREAT RACE, congrats on second overall!

starguy starguy said at 03:52:00 EDT  
nice job captain awesome!

powerfade powerfade said at 04:25:00 EDT  
Great race Scott!

theDude theDude said at 04:37:00 EDT  
Already liked this on facebook

Dan Dan said at 04:53:00 EDT  
Unbelievably great race and PR today Scott!! You have my permission to toot your own horn LOUDLY!

Selb Selb said at 05:04:00 EDT  
puking = zone resulting in awesome race. way to go!

Hasheri Hasheri said at 05:06:00 EDT  
Great race! Nice to finally meet you in person.

BetzE BetzE said at 05:12:00 EDT  
Woot woot! I am so happy or you!

Ordo Ordo said at 05:16:00 EDT  
Wow - you looked like you'd just been out for a stroll by the time I finished

Bohldog Bohldog said at 05:39:00 EDT  
Great race Scott. Always fun reading your posts on race day

CoachP CoachP said at 06:23:00 EDT  
Wow, you are amazing!

smilEy smilEy said at 06:31:00 EDT  
Great job today white boy! A little puke never hurt anyone. Thanks again for pushing me to the finish!

SnOwRaT SnOwRaT said at 06:36:00 EDT  
Hilarious stories. Good puking. Amazing run. Congrats Scott.

booty booty said at 06:50:00 EDT  
Nice seeing you today! You are a great runner!

lopergrl lopergrl said at 06:58:00 EDT  
I'm so proud of you and happy for you. You have ALWAYS worked your ass off since I've known you. (my parents will be so proud too- my dad always loved your work ethic). Well deserved my friend!! :)

baldguy baldguy said at 07:30:00 EDT  
Crazy good Scott!

Roadie Roadie said at 08:06:00 EDT  
Awesome race today! Glad you puked! :)

shoeless shoeless said at 08:35:00 EDT  
Awesome race!

tbirdxc tbirdxc said at 10:18:00 EDT  
You CAN go faster. No doubt.

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 11:06:00 EDT  
Congratz Scott! Dat was AWESOME!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:45:00 EDT  
Congrats! I could tell when you finished that you had put your head down and just run to the finish line. :)

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 09:24:00 EDT  
Dude. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

RunDMC RunDMC said at 07:43:00 EDT  
Incredible, congrats! It was great to meet you at the expo.

Stretch Stretch said at 08:31:00 EDT  
Awesome race!!

PR Rank: 3
September 21, 2014

Running - Race

Omaha Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:50 min/mile)
Shoe: Saucony Mirage
13.1 miles on shoe

focuz: Running miles 15 thru 20 smart at Des Moines
Good tune-up for Des Moines. Was hoping to go sub 1:16, however, I will take this time. Lots of impressive performances and PR's this morning. Job well done by all. Thanks to Ash for all of her patience this morning and taking care of me. Thanks to Gary, Di, Linds, Stenger, Shy, and Pedro for being out on the course. Pedro really helped me from 10 - 13.

6:32 - 1.1 miles

Glad they were consistent throughout the entire race. Need to put in a few more workouts and I'll be good to go for Des Moines on October 19th.

Thanks again for all your support. As Gary and Starguy likes to point out, I'm pretty focused during this marathon cycle.

trifan trifan said at 01:38:00 EDT  
Nice work...you are strong!

rudy rudy said at 01:44:00 EDT  
Great Race.

booty booty said at 02:31:00 EDT  
Look at you now!

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 02:41:00 EDT  
Nice work speedy!

baldguy baldguy said at 02:43:00 EDT  

BetzE BetzE said at 02:43:00 EDT  
No doubt you will be ready. Congrats!

JackDuysen JackDuysen said at 02:44:00 EDT  
You were smokin' when I saw you! Very impressive.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:09:00 EDT  

bsypal bsypal said at 03:19:00 EDT  
Well done today. You looked good out there!

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 03:30:00 EDT  

Dan Dan said at 03:59:00 EDT  
Incredible race today, can't wait to see you tear up Des Moines! Great visiting with you afterwards!

moxie moxie said at 04:08:00 EDT  
Boom. Great race, Scott. You're going to tear it up in Des Moines.

Linny Linny said at 04:48:00 EDT  
Awesome race, Scott.

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 04:59:00 EDT  
Way to get it done...you are so ready for your marathon. Thoroughly enjoyed today...believe me, it's the least I can do for all of the help you gave me last winter/spring going into Boston! Maintain your focus but please remember to listen to your body.

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:12:00 EDT  
Very solid! I am proud of your effort and that you are learning more on how to pace. Congrats!! :)

starguy starguy said at 06:07:00 EDT  
Awesome work Scott, it was great seeing you out there today!

TheGunShow TheGunShow said at 06:27:00 EDT  
Nice job Hoggie!

Britalian Britalian said at 06:39:00 EDT  
Impressive! As usual, great race!

DD DD said at 09:40:00 EDT  
Great race. Looked strong the whole way!

PR Rank: 4
November 9, 2014

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:51 min/mile)

focuz: Sub 2:40 in 2016
Went for it. Was way below PR pace until 8. Thought I could muster something up with JZ by my side. Just couldn't do it. Heavy legs, no turnover the last 5k. Congrats to everyone who raced. Sounds like a lot of PR's today. Pretty amazing group we have here! Great seeing everyone!

moxie moxie said at 06:50:00 EDT  
That's a stick time, Hog. Great race!

smilEy smilEy said at 06:52:00 EDT  
Don't know unless you go for it. Awesome job today!

Edie Edie said at 07:41:00 EDT  
Great race, Scott.

Kamster Kamster said at 07:42:00 EDT  

Dan Dan said at 07:44:00 EDT  
Looks good to me! Congrats!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:46:00 EDT  
Nice! Good to see you before the race.

baldguy baldguy said at 08:02:00 EDT  

Hasheri Hasheri said at 08:31:00 EDT  
Good race.

kcsMom kcsMom said at 08:37:00 EDT  
Wow! Great job!

Linny Linny said at 09:24:00 EDT  
Good race, Scott.

runnerchick runnerchick said at 09:54:00 EDT  
Holy smokes.

justinmollak justinmollak said at 07:36:00 EDT  
Great race!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 11:25:00 EDT  
Way to go for it, Scott! Awesome race so close to having set a marathon PR!

PR Rank: 5
September 14, 2013

Running - Race
Wabash Trace Nature Trail
Wabash Trace Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:52 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks ST-5
13.1 miles on shoe

focuz: Des Moines Marathon
Good to be back in racing mode. Felt good until mile 11. Fell apart the last two miles. Good course and perfect racing weather.

Special shout out to Gutz for hosting me to watch the Husker game with his in-law. His sister-in-law and I have a lot of common friends. His father-in-law coached against me. Great stories between Shen and Clarinda. Throw the records out, folks!

For whomever cares:

First two miles: 10:59 (oops)
5:55 (28:45)
6:12 (58:51)

hskrrs hskrrs said at 06:14:00 EDT  

gohokies gohokies said at 06:15:00 EDT  
Super race, my friend!

Dan Dan said at 06:40:00 EDT  
As someone I know would say, "WOWZERZ!!!!" Congratulations Scott on a sensational race and WIN! Thrilled for you!

Timbowait Timbowait said at 07:21:00 EDT  
Congrats on an terrific run. You took the lead and never surrendered it.

lopergrl lopergrl said at 07:51:00 EDT  
Congrats Scott!

starguy starguy said at 07:57:00 EDT  
Congrats Scott!

moxie moxie said at 08:18:00 EDT  
Great first race back. Congrats on the win! We need to run at some point in the near future. I'll hopefully be back up to speed by the end of the month.

Linny Linny said at 09:02:00 EDT  
OMG. You are fast. Sweet race, ScottE!! :)

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 10:50:00 EDT  
Yay! Congrats on breaking tape. You are an official trail runner!

PR Rank: 6
November 6, 2016

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:59 min/mile)
Shoe: Saucony Zealot
95.92 miles on shoe

focuz: Sub 2:40 in 2016

PR Rank: 7
September 22, 2013

Running - Race

Omaha Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(5:59 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks ST-5
32.4 miles on shoe

focuz: Des Moines Marathon
Gotta give tons of shout-outs. Too many to give out. Like I've always said, this group is special. This group is one of the most supportive groups I've ever been a part of. From everyone helping each other out before the race, to everyone cheering on everyone during the race, to all the support you give one another afterwards, there are no words to describe the experience.

Not what I wanted to run today, but from analyzing what I've been doing, it is still a good time and I should be right where I need to be for Des Moines. My legs were spent by mile 1. The turn around made me have Corp Cup memories. Loved every step of it. Thank you so much for all the shout-outs and the encouragements. I loved it.


Obviously 9 - 12 mile markers were all over the place. I saw mile 8 on the street.

dordio dordio said at 03:20:00 EDT  
Nice racing Haug! You're gonna run really well in Des Moines, don't be surprised if you go thru half not too much different than what you ran today...you'll be fine! Good work my friend!!

Dan Dan said at 03:21:00 EDT  
Three AWESOME races in 2 weekends! Congratulations to you and looking forward to you ROCKING Des Moines. LOVED meeting your parents--they are the nicest persons!

Edie Edie said at 03:24:00 EDT  
You're a stud dude. You know this. See you this week sometime.

smilEy smilEy said at 03:35:00 EDT  
Great job Hog, fun to see you flying back through the park!

rudy rudy said at 03:38:00 EDT  
Great job today.

moxie moxie said at 03:49:00 EDT  
Awesome race! I don't know how you're still in one piece after 3 solid races. You're going to be so ready for Des Moines.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:54:00 EDT  
Nice! Good to meet your parents as well.

runnerchick runnerchick said at 04:15:00 EDT  
Always impressed ScottE! Glad to hear the folks made it out to see you!!

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 04:30:00 EDT  
You had a great race...especially considering 2 fabulous races last weekend! What fun for your parents to be a part of today too. You are going to be awesome at Des Moines!

CoachP CoachP said at 04:46:00 EDT  
I'd say that's a pretty excellent time!

booty booty said at 05:01:00 EDT  
Great job! Nice seeing you.

Karla Karla said at 05:02:00 EDT  
You have had some amazing races lately!!! So proud of you!!!

badMofo badMofo said at 05:06:00 EDT  
Mr. Awesome did awesome job :) nice meeting big Al and your mom.

jjjogger jjjogger said at 05:18:00 EDT  
Great job.

starguy starguy said at 05:26:00 EDT  
Awesome job on back to back races!

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:27:00 EDT  
I seriously am amazed at you running back to back weekend races and running so great at all of them! You have to skillZ...DM or bust!!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 05:44:00 EDT  
your positive attitude is always so refreshing. great job!

Pedro Pedro said at 06:09:00 EDT  
Way to grind today Hoggy. "Move... Move... Get outta the way!" -Hog "Where do you want us to go?!" -confused 85 minute 10k finisher

DD DD said at 06:17:00 EDT  
Great work buddy! So nice to finally meet the 'rents. ;)

lopergrl lopergrl said at 06:37:00 EDT  
Nice job- des Moines will be awesome!

gohokies gohokies said at 06:41:00 EDT  
Great race today Scottie! Not sure how I missed meeting Mr and Mrs.

bsypal bsypal said at 07:19:00 EDT  
Well done! You're going to crush Des Moines!

JackDuysen JackDuysen said at 08:12:00 EDT  
When I met you you looked like you needed to poop but you were flying. I gave you a shout out but you were in a zone. Great job Scott !

a.k.a.Paul a.k.a.Paul said at 08:18:00 EDT  
Holy smokes!

KtB KtB said at 09:47:00 EDT  

Gutz Gutz said at 07:49:00 EDT  
um yeah for as much racing as you have put in the last few weeks this is a strong showing

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 12:02:00 EDT  
Nice work today sir!

PR Rank: 8
May 4, 2014

Running - Race
Lincoln Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:01 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks ST-5
104.2 miles on shoe

focuz: Getting Jason to comb his hair.

Job well done to everyone! I can't begin to explain how fun today way. The way everyone cheered, supported, was there for each other, just is a really cool deal. I enjoyed watching the full marathoners finish. I got all my #SappySunday texts out in a group text, so, I'm done being sappy.

My parents couldn't stop talking about each and everyone of you. They can't believe people take care of their favorite Son! They enjoy going to marathons because of you all. You make them feel a part of our group.

Excited about tonight!

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 04:56:00 EDT  
Great race Scott!

sweetness sweetness said at 04:58:00 EDT  
Good talking to your parents for a bit this morning.

BetzE BetzE said at 05:19:00 EDT  
Great to see you today, Scott!

Stretch Stretch said at 05:20:00 EDT  
Nice race Scott!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:24:00 EDT  
Nice race today. Hurts to find out you have other best friends though. :)

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:25:00 EDT  
Nice race Scott! I loved getting hugs from Big Al and Marsha today. And thanks so much for sticking around to cheer everyone in. That was so cool!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 05:26:00 EDT  

justinmollak justinmollak said at 05:33:00 EDT  
Nice race, Scott!

moxie moxie said at 05:54:00 EDT  
Great Scott! Nice race :) It was good seeing you out there. It's always a bit of an energy boost.

starguy starguy said at 05:59:00 EDT  
Excellent race ScottE! And it nice meeting Mom and Pop after!

rudy rudy said at 07:04:00 EDT  
Great Job!

gohokies gohokies said at 07:07:00 EDT  
You're a good egg, ScottE! Nice effort out there today. Really glad to finally meet the 'rents!

jjjogger jjjogger said at 08:31:00 EDT  
Excellent job.

LindE LindE said at 10:16:00 EDT  
Nice job

Dan Dan said at 11:10:00 EDT  
Incredible race, Scott! Would have loved to visited with your parents again, please tell them hello from me. Great talking to you at Sempecks!

DD DD said at 11:28:00 EDT  
Tell your parents thanks again for the chair and blanket! Sorry you didn't invite them to the after party.

Gutz Gutz said at 08:07:00 EDT  
Nice job Scott

runnermomof2 runnermomof2 said at 10:55:00 EDT  
Great race! Love your parents and you are pretty incredible yourself...I agree with Di, though, sure missed them at the after party.

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 01:18:00 EDT  
Chin up. Your day will come. ;)
Glad you got to see me last night!

kcsMom kcsMom said at 02:00:00 EDT  
Nice job Scott!

PR Rank: 9
June 2, 2012

Running - Race

Hospital Hill Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:02 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Racer
75.61 miles on shoe

Fun time with this group. Had a great time at the Power and Light District.the race was fun. Ran with Anthony for the first 9 miles. I knew that breaking 1:18 was going to be close. Started to put a surge at mile 9.5 - 11. Got down to 5:47 pace. Just ran out of gas to get under 1.18.

I was happy with my time. It's been fun hanging with this group. Hopefully next year we can bring more people back.

dordio dordio said at 03:32:00 EDT  
Excellent job hOg! You guyz freakin' amaze me with your ability to have such an excellent fun time and yet still race your ass off! Proud to have you as a mate my friend!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 03:51:00 EDT  
Nice race!

getfuzzy getfuzzy said at 03:57:00 EDT  
Nice work!

trifan trifan said at 03:58:00 EDT  
Nice race!

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 04:19:00 EDT  
You rock, Scott! I'm sure you thought about going to bed early, but then your good buddy Bobby Brown convinced you that it's your prerogative to stay out late. ;) I knew you could pull a Stiffler. Great race!

badMofo badMofo said at 04:22:00 EDT  
hOgie hOgie hOgie awesome run after partying all night with Bobby Brown. Thanks for fun taco ride and the weekend :)

jayZ jayZ said at 04:24:00 EDT  
nice work bud, way to represent.

TommyBoy TommyBoy said at 04:37:00 EDT  
Nice Race Scott! Good catching up with you down there!

Kamster Kamster said at 04:53:00 EDT  
Way 2 go Scott!!!!

Squints Squints said at 04:58:00 EDT  

booty booty said at 05:35:00 EDT  

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 05:39:00 EDT  
I don't know how you do it...you can always pull out a great race no matter what! Talent! :)

BDub BDub said at 05:53:00 EDT  
^^^true dat. good job Mr. Haug.

The_Mann The_Mann said at 06:33:00 EDT  
Awesome job Scott!

dordio dordio said at 06:33:00 EDT  
So you and Bobby boys now like gunShow and Luc?

camann camann said at 06:35:00 EDT  
So impressive! I have no idea how you do this after literally partying like a rock star!

Dan Dan said at 07:57:00 EDT  
Flyin fast! Congrats on a fab race Scott!

shoeless shoeless said at 09:05:00 EDT  
Awesome race Scott!

Bohldog Bohldog said at 10:53:00 EDT  
Great job Scott!

TheNavigator TheNavigator said at 11:04:00 EDT  
Great race h0g!!! Be careful courting Bobby - I hear he can get a tad abusive.

kcsMom kcsMom said at 11:20:00 EDT  
Great race! You were flying!!!

DD DD said at 03:48:00 EDT  
Nice job Scott! 61 seconds off my prediction but still, nice job. :)

PR Rank: 10
July 21, 2012

Running - Race
Lake Okoboji Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:06 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Racer
98.79 miles on shoe

It was a good day to be an NDORFNZ Racer here. All four members came home with an age group medal. Timmy - 5th o/a and 1st in age group; Lindsey - 4th o/a and 2nd in age group; Stretch - 3rd in age group; Willet (NDORFNZ.com) - 3rd in age group; myself 6th o/a and 2nd in age group.

First 5: 5:44, 5:39, 5:36, 5:59, 5:54. Awesome. According to my plan. Then the hills.

Second 5: 6:05 - 6:20.

Last 3.1: 6:20 - 6:30.

I learned that I just need to go out conservative. I also learned that Timmy is one fast dude. Love training with this guy. I need to start doing some tempo's with him on Thursdays. He pretty much laughed at me at mile 5 when he caught me.

Back to the drawing board for Corporate Cup.

I need to say thank you to Lindsey. She hooked us up in one of her friend's apt. Of course I knew where she was from. Southwest Iowa, baby! Exira. We hit it off from our hello's. I told Lindsey on the way up to Boji that SWI people are the most friendly people in Iowa. Then, she found out her friend is from SWI. What a coincidence. Great time! Thanks again, Lindsey!

theDude theDude said at 06:27:00 EDT  
Good Luck, Fella.

TheGunShow TheGunShow said at 04:11:00 EDT  
Nice job hogie!

smilEy smilEy said at 06:38:00 EDT  
Thanks for coming up! Now you know the difference between Storm Lake

jayZ jayZ said at 06:45:00 EDT  
Great job Scott that's a pretty smokin fast start. Homeboy got wheels

Timeyer Timeyer said at 07:37:00 EDT  
Nice Race Scott, What is your corporate cup goal? I saw .38 special and Reo speedwagon the last time I was at the CC fair...good times.

hskrrs hskrrs said at 07:59:00 EDT  

Dan Dan said at 08:03:00 EDT  
Awesome race Scott!

hOg hOg said at 08:03:00 EDT  
^^quit being so nice, Tim! Ha. I would like to flirt w/34:00. I think that could be achievable if I start doing some tempo's with Timmy. You should come down and run it. Great turnout each year. The winner was from Dakota State and the runner up wa

PixieNinja PixieNinja said at 08:04:00 EDT  
Great job Scott! Every race is always a great learning experience. You always have foot speed for the shorter races! CC is yours!

hOg hOg said at 08:12:00 EDT  
^^the runner up from today's race ran at SDSU. The 3rd place was a 15 yr old. Crazy. 4th place ran at Simpson. Then two old geezers got 5th and 6th.

hOg hOg said at 08:13:00 EDT  
^^thanks, Kace! Back to the drawing board!

Timeyer Timeyer said at 08:31:00 EDT  
Scott,I'm going to try to get there. <34 will be the B goal, <33 the A goal. All depends on the schedule and if a visit to the in laws in fremont makes sense.

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 08:54:00 EDT  
Not too bad for an old guy! ;)

terrence terrence said at 10:35:00 EDT  
Grreat race Scott.

badMofo badMofo said at 11:20:00 EDT  
Great job hOgie!!!

DD DD said at 12:00:00 EDT  
Keep your dauber up. Hahaha. Awesome job!

Stretch Stretch said at 08:31:00 EDT  
Nice race and congratz!! It was a fun weekend!!

PR Rank: 11
June 10, 2018

Running - Race

Buffalo County Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: 71, feels like: 71 DP: 62 Humidity: 75% Wind: 1.6mph
13.1 miles
(6:15 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Asteria
62.4 miles on shoe

Max HR: 182 Avg HR: 162.2
focuz: Train Slow to Race Fast
Buffalo County Half Marathon
NDORFNZized from Strava

Dan Dan said at 03:15:00 EDT  
Sensational race, congrats on the WIN!! Nice to see you!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 10:10:00 EDT  
Congrats on defending your title.

PR Rank: 12
May 18, 2014

Running - Race

Papillion Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:18 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks ST-5
127.2 miles on shoe

focuz: Playdate with CJS on May 18th
Gotta give some thank you's. To Dordio for coming out snappN some pics. Can't wait to see them. To Stenger for riding his Trek by my side. It would've gotten a little lonely out there w/o him. To Linds for being on the course cheering folks. Sorry again for not recognizing you (something about running clothes and regular clothes). For Colleen and Sam for volunteering at a water station. It is always refreshing to hear your name when you approach a water station. To CJS for picking up my packet yesterday. Papio is sooo far away when you live in Elkhorn ;). To Higley for just taking care of me. Thanks for getting me two more safety pins. Something with having 2 safety pins for your bib is just plain weird. To CN for coming out there on crutches. I always enjoy her support that she gives me. To Shawn G for giving me every detail about this course. Each detail he gave me was spot-on. To Huskers for inviting me the Husker baseball game on Thursday, or was it me inviting myself to the Husker game Thursday?? Nonetheless, looking forward to it. Finally to Peg, Ash, and Court for sending me good luck texts and how'd you do texts. It's always a good feeling when you know folks are thinking of you when you are running. So, thank you for your support!

Gotta give props to Jason and Mo. Those two ran very well on a tough course. I've gotten more respect for this course since running it. Those two just tore it up. Congrats on your wins.

I'm glad I ran this race. I've always known it was hilly and tough but, I wanted to try it out to see if it was true. Yep, it was.

Training for Gma's start tomorrow.

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 12:47:00 EDT  
Nice work this morning Mr. hOg!
Thanks for the ride!

moxie moxie said at 12:59:00 EDT  
Nice race! Way to get it done.

runnerchick runnerchick said at 01:21:00 EDT  
Nice work! Too late to ask how it went? :)

Stretch Stretch said at 01:39:00 EDT  
Nice race!!

Dan Dan said at 02:36:00 EDT  
Fantastic work as always, congrats!

LindE LindE said at 02:50:00 EDT  
Nice work!

2ndLife 2ndLife said at 02:52:00 EDT  
Congratz! Nice Race!

hskrrs hskrrs said at 05:14:00 EDT  
Nice race. I got 4 pins, just say in'.

starguy starguy said at 06:05:00 EDT  
Nice race Scott!

CoachP CoachP said at 08:18:00 EDT  
Good job today! Yes it is a hilly SOB!

PR Rank: 13
June 9, 2019

Running - Race

Buffalo County Stampede

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:19 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Asteria
160.08 miles on shoe

focuz: Train Slow to Race Fast

PR Rank: 14
June 11, 2017

Running - Race

Kearney Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: 71, feels like: 71 DP: 65 Humidity: 81% Wind: 15.5mph
13.1 miles
(6:34 min/mile)

Max HR: 203 Avg HR: 182.3
focuz: Train Slow to Race Fast
Kearney Half Marathon
NDORFNZized from Strava

PR Rank: 15
May 3, 2015

Running - Race

Lincoln Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(6:40 min/mile)
Shoe: Saucony Mirage
84.8 miles on shoe

focuz: Sub 2:40 in 2015

BG BG said at 09:20:00 EDT  
good job

runlikeagirl runlikeagirl said at 10:54:00 EDT  
Awesome race so close to an awesome race at Boston!

PR Rank: 16
October 28, 2018

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(7:30 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Ghost 11: Orange
16.2 miles on shoe

focuz: Train Slow to Race Fast

PR Rank: 17
May 6, 2018

Running - Race

Lincoln Half Marathon

Certified? Yes
Weather: 53, feels like: 53 DP: 48 Humidity: 83% Wind: 2.2mph
13.1 miles
(7:33 min/mile)
Shoe: Brooks Asteria
49.3 miles on shoe

Max HR: 176 Avg HR: 158.3
focuz: Train Slow to Race Fast
Lincoln Half Marathon
NDORFNZized from Strava

hskrrs hskrrs said at 08:51:00 EDT  
Good to see you.

carljsamuelson carljsamuelson said at 02:13:00 EDT  
So glad we could see each other for a while.

PR Rank: 18
November 1, 2015

Running - Race

Good Life Halfsy

Certified? Yes
13.1 miles
(8:46 min/mile)
Shoe: Saucony Kinvara 4
80.71 miles on shoe

focuz: Sub 2:40 in 2016