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NDORFNZ Folkz Races for January of 2019
On Saturday, January 5, 2019
Shannon Stenger (sweetness)

Bandera 100k


62 milez in 11:29:55

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-05
PR Rank1stNew Non-Certified PR by 11h 29m 55s
Total Races1 races for 62 miles0certified races for 62 miles
 128 races overall77 certified races overall
   0States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"
3rd time for me running a 100k. Was after some redemption as the first two races at this distance did not go well. Was defintely a hydration and nutrition issue.

Race was moved from Bandera to Camp Eagle mid week because of trail conditions at Bandera.

Plan was to start really easy and to make sure I was drinking early and often as well as eating. Purposely started further back at the beginning so when we got onto the single track trails I would not have a choice but to go slow. Worked well as the first 5.2 miles were really, really rocky. The next 5 miles opened up some and I was able to run a little faster still trying to stay patient. After mile 10 started to move up in the pack some and from this point on would never get passed all the way to the end. Came through the first 50k loop in 5:19, taking my time in that aid station and leaving 7 minutes later. Thought at this point I would have a shot of breaking 12 hours which would be awesome. Continue to work on catching people mile after mile. Around mile 47 or so is when I started to really push the pace. I felt confident that I was going to finish well, just had to put it on the course. Really wanted to eat up as many miles as I could before I had to use my headlamp. Finally, had to turn on my headlamp about 7 miles from the finish. Pushed hard the last 5.2 miles home (fell down three times in the dark) and did not fall at all the 57 miles before that. Knew I had a shot of breaking 11:30 with a few miles to go. Really started pushing all out at this point. With about 600m or so to go, knew it was going to be close. So I really started throwing down and sprinting. Just made it under the 11:30 mark. (11:29:55). Really happy with this effort and time. The day went awesome!
On Saturday, January 12, 2019
sonja honeycutt (booty)

Resolution 5k

Certified? Yes

3.1 milez in 00:27:08

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-12
Age1stWon Age Group
PR Rank7thmissed Certifed PR by 0h 3m 28s
Total Races9 races for 3.1 miles7certified races for 3.1 miles
 75 races overall62 certified races overall
   3States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"
Went with Rudy to watch him race, but decided last minute to race it myself. Really enjoyed running in the snow today. Felt really relaxed, and just ran it for fun.
don honeycutt (rudy)

Resolution 5K

Certified? Yes

3.1 milez in 00:24:45

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-12
Overall3rdTop 5%
Age1stWon Age Group
PR Rank9thmissed Certifed PR by 0h 5m 15s
Total Races11 races for 3.1 miles9certified races for 3.1 miles
 115 races overall101 certified races overall
   4States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"
Had a really good race. Omaha trail was plowed but the Ped Bridge was Icey and Haftan Park In CB had some deeper snow. Good way to start the New Year. Bodies Race Company has some really fun races and great metals and Bling.
On Saturday, January 19, 2019
Erik Hash (Hasheri)

Polar Bear Plunge 5k

Certified? No

3.1 milez in 00:20:17

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-19
Overall14thTop 2.3%
Age1stWon Age Group
PR Rank5thmissed Non-Certified PR by 0h 2m 16s
Total Races10 races for 3.1 miles1certified races for 3.1 miles
 88 races overall26 certified races overall
   2States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"
Tough course. Won my age group and first masters, although no masters award. Wasn’t planning on racing until after I had already put in quite a few miles this week. Skipped the plunge into Horsetooth Resevoir. Looked cold, especially since they had to break the ice.
On Saturday, January 26, 2019

Frozen feet trail run


12 milez in 02:10:30

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-26
Overall1stBroke Tape!
PR Rank7thmissed Non-Certified PR by 0h 54m 30s
Total Races9 races for 12 miles0certified races for 12 miles
 150 races overall4 certified races overall
   1States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"
On Sunday, January 27, 2019
Dan Fucinaro (Dan)

Miami Half Marathon

Certified? Yes

13.1 milez in 01:47:43

Race Data Statz as of 2019-01-27
PR Rank15thmissed Certifed PR by 0h 21m 7s
Total Races16 races for 13.1 miles16certified races for 13.1 miles
 92 races overall90 certified races overall
   9States of "All 50 States Marathon Club"

Oh boy, not my finest day. I made a difficult decision to drop to the half instead of completing the full. Shockingly, the predicted rain held off during the race, but we did have conditions of 72 degrees, 94% humidity and 15 mph SE wind. The humidity hit me early on and I also experienced a left hamstring strain from about mile 10...an injury that I had experienced some in this training cycle. I dreaded getting to the half/full course split at mile 12.5. I went back and forth in my mind a million times what to do...cut my losses with the half or torture myself with the full. In the end I decided that I may be injuring my hamstring further if I continue with the full...and the humidity was seriously kicking my ass. Hence, I took the half turn off. I do not feel great about my decision, but I have to live with it. There will be another day. The race itself, the volunteers and crowd support were wonderful. Miami and Miami Beach are beautiful. I am thankful to God, my family, and to you all for your support.

Song of the day: "Little Bit O' Time" by Nils Lofgren.
Total Races: 6 | PRz: 1