04-13-2008 - Runners Better Lovers..?

It involves heat and sweat. Endurance is a plus. It doesn't always offer a quick reward. Is it running? Or is it an aerobic activity usually performed behind closed doors? Although any sport that increases your fitness level will probably make your intimate nights (or mornings) more satisfying, we give distance runners our vote as the best lovers in sports.

Other playing fields
Of course, the tennis players in the crowd will boo and hiss. They'll say their quick reflexes and lateral movements make them the best. But what they're trying to do is to leave you behind at love and score all the points for themselves!

And how about those beach volleyball players? Just one problem: the beach. We've been there and...that sand is just not the fun they make it out to be.

Then there are the auto racers. There's no big excitement until the end. Before that, you're just going around in circles.

Golfers...they rely too much on their caddies and carts. We're looking for somebody who is a little more into the physical game.

Sure, soccer players know how to play the field. But all that kicking, and so little scoring... (I disagree of course!)

Football players need an overload of equipment to help them perform.

Wrestling......enough said!

Baseball players......too much time spent holding on to their own bat and standing alone in left field.

And don't even get us started on boxers. They knock you out and move on to their next opponent.

More than a fine finish...

Now to the runners. Let's face it: endurance, pacing, and cadence are valuable qualities. They keep going and going and going without losing sight of their goal. They don't need a lot of fancy equipment to perform. What's more, they're used to getting up early in the morning to do their thing. (And there's nothing stopping them from throwing in a session or two at night either.)
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