01-30-2007 - Finally GOT 'EM...Online Logs Now Available!

Your vital training information can now be stored and shared on ndorfnz.com

Contribute to the all the miles at ndorfnz.com. I plan to have a running total on the front page by week, month and year for all miles logged!

Sorry, don't have "instructions" written per say just yet, but you are free to give it a try and email me if you have questions or problems!

You can add old information (simply "Change The Date") when you are adding a workout.

The high level summary...

  1. Register...no, I don't use your email or sale them to anyone...

  2. Set your log settings

    • Select when to start your week (Sunday or Monday)

    • Share your log or not

    • Determine when summarizing your "PRs" to only include "certified courses"

    • Add workouts (ie: Easy Run, Long Run, Races, etc.)

    • Add courses

    • Add shoes, this helps track shoe mileage for replacement warning!

  3. Create a profile and upload a mugshot (all completely optional). Heck if you need a mug shot, email me...I may have one in my archives!

  4. Start logging your workouts...

All workouts logged will contribute to your PRs and Races history links.

That is if you select workout type Race when logging a workout.

Remember to make Race an option in Workouts, Log Settings..

And remember log that old school stuff, we'll summarize your current PRs and year by year PRs automatically!

An enhancement already in the works will allow you to dynamically graph nearly whatever you'd like!

Share with your friends and invite them to create their own training log!

Enjoy and appreciate any feedback you may have...

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