10-26-2012 -

When recollecting back as to why I started running at the "old" age of...>> Read More

10-17-2010 - As Good As It Gets...

boston, Boston, BAWSTON!

Good bunch of folks (NDORFNZ, Omaha...>> Read More

08-27-2010 - Leadville 100 by topJimmy

Leadville Trail 100- August 2010 Jim Kleveter August 19th- Day...>> Read More

07-16-2010 - Who's Where..?
There's been much talk over the years trying to “advertise” runs or make...>> Read More

06-01-2010 - Hadd On Effort Based Training
This "training" is from well known Coach that posts on Letsrun.com. He...>> Read More

01-28-2010 - Training The LYDIARD way...

ARTHUR LYDIARD’S LECTURE (dictated and edited by Nobuya “Nobby”...>> Read More

12-31-2009 -
Start your New Year'z rezolution off right! Drag your naPPy headed...>> Read More

09-02-2009 - ndorfnz.comZ runningTori

ndorfnz.com'Z runningTori in Campus Girls Calendar 2010! From...>> Read More

06-15-2009 - Sandhills Marathon By Brian Wandzilak w/ approval from Tom Lewis
SANDHILLS MARATHON By Brian Wandzilak w/ approval from Tom Lewis Cows...>> Read More

06-10-2009 - Bellevue West All Comer's Meet
Attended the Bellevue All Comer's Track Meet yesterday hosted by Old...>> Read More

05-05-2009 - Lincoln Marathon/Half Photos!
The photoz are all available for viewing now. Over the next week, we'll be...>> Read More

04-14-2009 - IMPORTANT! Trail System
It sounds like the Nebraska Senators will be voting very shortly maybe...>> Read More

03-29-2009 - State Farm Goodz
Very nice job by everyone running State Farm yesterday. I enjoyed takin'...>> Read More

12-24-2008 - An Ndorfnz Night Before Christmas
With apologies to Clement Moore: By Will Lindgren... Twas the...>> Read More

11-28-2008 - ndorfnz.com Gumpin' Contests
A great way to stay moJo'd through the Holiday Season! Aside from the...>> Read More

11-28-2008 - Annual Holiday Lights Run

Reserve Friday, December 12th from 6:ish - 9:ish????? The Annual Lights...>> Read More

11-22-2008 - Living History Farms Pics...from dLenz
Just the pics right now...there were more folks there, but I think...>> Read More

10-15-2008 - Market To Market...through NDORFNZ eyes
"Ignited By Fuel" by Gary Dougherty Market To Market...>> Read More

10-12-2008 - Market To Market 2008 - What a BLAST!

by Peg Pearson (runlikeagirl)

What a BLAST! Market to Market...>> Read More

10-08-2008 - Thoughts on Twin Cities Marathon

by bwandzi (Wandzilak)

I don't often post to ndorfnz, unless...>> Read More

09-28-2008 - Bugaha Marathon...it's official!
Back at the starting line for my next marathon, I reassured myself that I...>> Read More

09-27-2008 - Omaha Mile Pics
Ok, the pics are finally up. Sorry a little late... We broke them up...>> Read More

09-27-2008 - Omaha Mile By Alegent Health Quick Recap
Very cool event to watch, someday I have going to have throw my Master...>> Read More

09-22-2008 - Corporate Cup...the lenz
the lenz made it's 1st ever appearance with ndorfnz in an actual race...>> Read More

08-12-2008 - Want to live a long life? Run

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor Mon Aug 11, 4:03 PM ET ...>> Read More

08-03-2008 - Save The Date!!!
Save the Date For the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital Runners...>> Read More

08-03-2008 - Ironmike 3rd at Whale Town Tri
Local Ironman, 45 year old Ironmike (Mike Vance) placed 3rd...>> Read More

08-02-2008 - Back To School BASH!!
Wanted to invite all ndorfnz folks (as well as ndorfnz folks' friends that...>> Read More

07-11-2008 - Fast Forward Race Against MS
Fast Forward’s MS program is built to assist those with MS who share: loss...>> Read More

07-03-2008 - Run For Justin...
Annual Memorial Run for Justin Nealon A Benefit for The Leukemia &...>> Read More

06-22-2008 - Concordia's Tucker wins Duluth race, makes local fishwrap
DULUTH, Minn. — Former Millard West distance standout and current...>> Read More

06-02-2008 - We're Back Up!!!
Contrary to popular belief the site was not crashed due to the...>> Read More

05-28-2008 - Nice Home For Sale!
Lookin' for a nice home close to the Z? Stop looking, you've found...>> Read More

05-03-2008 - plaqueman makes the local fishwrap!
Published Saturday | May 3, 2008 Erickson, Dooling try for old marathon...>> Read More

04-23-2008 - BLINKY Takes Boston, Plans To Relocate...

Omaha's one and only BLINKY (aka: Kurt Fiene) not only makes the front...>> Read More

04-13-2008 - Runners Better Lovers..?

It involves heat and sweat. Endurance is a plus. It doesn't always offer a...>> Read More

04-12-2008 - 101 year old running London Marathon, smoking and drinking along the way...
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk Buster Martin is aiming to shuffle...>> Read More

03-27-2008 - Mountain Lion Pics
Well even though the "Here Kitty, Kitty" turned out to be another hoax, we...>> Read More

03-25-2008 - Here Kitty, Kitty...

UPDATED 3/27/2008 - Yep, it was another hoax... Ok, I was forwarded an...>> Read More

03-12-2008 - NI-BTHASKA-KE
NI-BTHASKA-KE ---- TRAIL RUN----April 5, 2008 ...>> Read More

03-11-2008 - UPDATED - Trail To The Trials

UPDATED --> Donations of $10 or more will receive a Trails To The...>> Read More

02-19-2008 - New Site - irun262.net

A new distance runner site has emerged, it features local marathon runner...>> Read More

01-26-2008 - Run For Bob!
You might have heard about the Lincoln High Cross Country and Track coach,...>> Read More

12-26-2007 - Once Upon a Time...

there was a young boy who said to his family, "I want to do great...>> Read More

12-07-2007 - Annual Lights Run

Reserve Sunday, December 16th from 5ish - 8pm ish. The Annual Lights...>> Read More

11-24-2007 - Local Geezer "GeezerJock of the Year"..?

From Local Geezer, Fred Galata...not only a hell of a runner but a biking...>> Read More

11-20-2007 - LHF XC, so right but so wrong..?

Each year it never ceases to amaze me that not only does the road trip out...>> Read More

11-13-2007 - My Bro, Sgt Major Dougherty, Endures

Coming back from a head-on collision with a van nearly a year ago,...>> Read More

11-11-2007 - In long run, 'Just Do It' solid advice for all

In long run, 'Just Do It' solid advice for all of us Rick...>> Read More

10-11-2007 - ndorsed by ndorfnz...Runner's Clinic

Join us for the first Runners Clinic presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic...>> Read More

09-29-2007 - Increased Heart Attack Risk with Distance..?
About 1 in 50,000: if you run marathons or participate in other forms of...>> Read More

09-24-2007 - NU 41 - Ball St 40

nuff said...yeah, a victory but... ...read >> Read More

09-16-2007 - NU 35 - USC 21...huh?

What was that? I predicted Nebraska would take down USC 35 - 21... they...>> Read More

09-09-2007 - the Stenger 800

Headed down to watch Stenger attempt sub 2:00 for 800m. >> Read More

09-08-2007 - former Nebraskans at Worlds!

Just need to pay my respects to a couple former locals who made it big...>> Read More

09-02-2007 - Grand Island Scoop

Headed West again for an absolutely outstanding race put on by the Grand...>> Read More

08-21-2007 - Just Rollin' Thru...

Wow! Now, that was pretty intense! Pretty significant storm rolled thru...>> Read More

08-20-2007 - Conquering Pikes Peak!

A few brave (and crazy!) local souls ventured West to Colorado this past...>> Read More

08-07-2007 - Post Full Race Results!

Ok, this one's for those Race Directors who... hold a race, tabulate...>> Read More

08-05-2007 - ironMike at whaletown

ironMike represented well at the Triathlon in Anita, IA placing 5th...>> Read More

07-22-2007 - the runDown is now OPEN!

We've finally opened our own private forum or message board! Since I hate...>> Read More

07-22-2007 - New American Record!!!

American Miler Alan Webb ran 3:46.91 to obtain a new AR in the mile...>> Read More

07-09-2007 - Chicago '06 A Bust, BUT...
I received something in the mail the other day that made the bust not...>> Read More

06-05-2007 - Master's Domination
Facing an Olympic caliber field this past Saturday for a 5k in...>> Read More

06-02-2007 - BLINKY in Boston...
Couldn't resist adding this one for it's own individual scoop. Straight...>> Read More

06-02-2007 - Dam To Dam...Age Grading Competition
One of the best races in the Midwest found some expert local runners...>> Read More

03-31-2007 - State Farm Race Photoz Now Available...

Lincoln always does a fine job of putting on races. You can check out...>> Read More

03-23-2007 - It's A...

We went and got an ultrasound the other day. Both kids went with the wife...>> Read More

03-05-2007 - Weekend Results...

While we Midwesterners braved the 12+ inches of snow, ice and winds...some...>> Read More

01-30-2007 - Finally GOT 'EM...Online Logs Now Available!

Your vital training information can now be stored and shared on...>> Read More

01-28-2007 - Austin 3M Half-Marathon

Absolutely perfect conditions greeted locals Henryiard and Christy Nielsen...>> Read More

01-16-2007 - Topeka Kansas Half-Marathon

A crisp and cool start temp of 29 including overcast skies and ever so...>> Read More

01-15-2007 - Huge PR for Pastor while Rockin' and Rollin'...

Local runner Craig Finnestad, after puttin' on some pounds in his 30s,...>> Read More

01-14-2007 - Rockin' and Rollin' in Arizona

Music makes up the heart and "sole" of this event. It's more than a...>> Read More

01-14-2007 - Houston, we have lift off

Some locals traveled to Houston, TX for the USA Half Marathon...>> Read More

12-15-2006 - Drug Doubles Endurance

Drug Doubles Endurance, Study Says By NICHOLAS WADE Given that...>> Read More

12-15-2006 - My Christmas Wish List...

Just a quick, short Xmas list...
  1. The ability to see Christmas...>> Read More

12-11-2006 - It's Measured and Certified!

Great News! Be advised that there are new marks at the Z (Lake Zorinsky). ...>> Read More

12-03-2006 - The Hips...(aka: Lower Back Problems)

Great, great article related to "hip injury" or better known as lower back...>> Read More

11-24-2006 - The Turkey Trot!

Pilgrims headed west to chase down and conquer the big turkey in front of...>> Read More

11-19-2006 - The Grind...

Local hicks headed south to invade Kansas Cities Gobbler Grind Marathon...>> Read More

11-19-2006 - LHF XC...It's Da Bomb!

This race absolutely rocks 110%...keeps growing and growing each year!...>> Read More

11-16-2006 - Ultra Work in Blue Strings, MO

Troy Mason conquers 50miler, Nott wins 50k! Troy "Speedwalker" Mason...>> Read More

11-05-2006 - NYC Marathon...

The only big marathon I've never ran (or won for that matter!) Watched...>> Read More

11-04-2006 - Boston Qualifier As Well!

An additional local runner who ran the Twin Cities marathon in early...>> Read More

11-02-2006 - Breaking News!

Great News!!! Well...besides that I ran today! But better yet... Looks...>> Read More

10-27-2006 - IronMike back in Kona...

Local Ironman Mike Vance headed back to the Hawaiian Islands to complete...>> Read More

10-24-2006 - Chicago and The Tour Are Complete!

Well, it's done...the Fall Marathon focused on all year along with the...>> Read More

10-17-2006 - Tour De Ndorfnz Update!

After long exhaustive hours of debate with the Tour officials, the...>> Read More

10-14-2006 - N E W !! Stomp Swamp Results with Photos!

After an absolute gorgeous morning and a very fine turnout for the 1st...>> Read More

10-11-2006 - The Race Is Close!

As Bib Numbers are being acquired from the Chicago Marathon Front Office,...>> Read More

10-08-2006 - The Cure

Race for the Cure 2006, great race for a great cause! Race raised over 77...>> Read More

10-04-2006 - Troy "Speedwalker" Mason Going L o n g...

As most prepare for a Fall Marathon, Troy Mason endures for much more....>> Read More

10-01-2006 - Locals in Twin Cities

Some local Nebraska runners competing in the Twin Cities Marathon and 10...>> Read More

10-01-2006 - Richfield Photos...Hold On! We Got 'Em Baby!

Restored photos from today's race! Yeah! They're available >> Read More

10-01-2006 - Richfield Run...UH OH!! Ahhh...sheeeettt!

Went out to photograph Richfield Run in Richfield, NE. Great morning...>> Read More

09-24-2006 - Nott Wins, el D Splits It Nicely!

Very nice morning for a race about 53 degrees with 10-12 mph NW wind....>> Read More

09-23-2006 - Well...I'm Full!

Actually have decided to go ahead and run the Full Marathon this weekend....>> Read More

09-17-2006 - Corporate Cup 10k

Managed to lube up the hammy, lower back and achilles heel all week long....>> Read More

09-17-2006 - Ok, I suck at Predicting, but did race Corporate Cup!

Nebraska 10 Vs. USC 28...uhhhh, enough said! Nebraska could NOT run the...>> Read More

09-14-2006 - Calling My Shot...

Gonna go out on a limb here, non-running related (well except for Nebraska...>> Read More

09-10-2006 - Buffalo Run...Stenger Victory, el D...DNS

The 30th Annual Classic 5 Mile Buffalo at Pioneer Park in Lincoln, NE....>> Read More

09-01-2006 - Grand Island Half-Marathon

Made a Road Trip "West" about 2 hours with some good friend to run the...>> Read More

08-31-2006 - Kurt Fienne brings home...

Local Master's (and Blind!) runner Kurt Fienne recently traveled south. He...>> Read More

08-30-2006 - R.J. Lampe Wins Mile

Master's Runner, Ronald J. Lampe, recently displayed his distance running...>> Read More

08-28-2006 - IronMike Competes in Half-Ironman

IronMike Vance went 12th Overall (3rd Masters) in the Iowa Pigman...>> Read More

08-14-2006 - IronMike Places 3rd Overall!

Local IronMan, Mike Vance, was 3rd overall (1st Masters) at Whaletown...>> Read More

08-13-2006 - USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships

Todd Nott 2nd Master at USATF National 50 Mile Trail Championships....>> Read More

07-31-2006 - BIX 7 2006...Great Race, Great Crowd, Great Time!

With the heat wave attacking America right now, you just knew BIX was...>> Read More

07-01-2006 - The Transition

The time has come...my training transition is taking place to begin an...>> Read More

06-30-2006 - Blair Elite Downtown Mile w/Results

WOW! Raced the Blair Elite Downtown Mile, it was an invite only mile race,...>> Read More

06-24-2006 - Locals at Grandmas

Some local running friends headed to Grandmas Marathon and Half-Marathon...>> Read More

06-15-2006 - Dam To Dam 20k

Great Race, one of the absolute best in the Midwest. Actually it's the...>> Read More

05-30-2006 - Peak To Peak 10 Miler

Kurt Fiene, a Local Master's AND Blind Runner, was 5th overall and...>> Read More

05-05-2006 - First ndorfnz.com Prediction Contest!!

Thanks for participating! Congrats to...
  • Jason Babcock; who predicted...>> Read More

  • 04-30-2006 - Locals in Boston

    Some local friends in 110th running of the Boston Marathon.

    Turns...>> Read More

    11-20-2005 - Old School Performs Once Again...

    Editor: Craig Christians (Old School) A couple good showings by the...>> Read More

    08-13-2005 - Ultra Runner Todd Nott Wins!

    Local Master's Runner, Todd Nott won the 43.5 mile Brew to Brew (KC, MO to...>> Read More

    08-01-2005 - Strongest Dad In the World

    Written By: Rick Reilly (SI): I try to be a good father. Give my kids...>> Read More

    08-01-2005 - Teflon Man: We want to believe Lance Armstrong is

    By Tony Kornheiser THE WASHINGTON POST Once again, Lance Armstrong...>> Read More

    08-01-2005 - Bekele Reigns Supreme in Worlds XC

    Invincible Bekele reigns supreme Men’s Long Race Report Chris Turner...>> Read More

    07-13-2005 - Todd Nott - 100k Course Record

    Todd Nott, Plattsmouth XC coach and masters runner won the 100K (62.1...>> Read More

    07-06-2005 - 73 Year Old Ed Whitlock Trains 100 Miles Per Week

    Ed Whitlock, a 73-year-old Canadian marathoner who may be the world's best...>> Read More

    07-01-2005 - Webb Gets 2 Mile American Record

    Eugene, Ore. - There has always been something magical about Hayward Field...>> Read More

    12-15-2004 - Arthur Lydiard 1917 - 2004

    The Most Influential Coach in History Has Died By TERRY MADDAFORD The...>> Read More

    11-15-2004 - Ritz Wins in Belfast XC defeating Top Kenyans

    Dathan Ritzenheim scored one of the most unexpected victories of the...>> Read More

    11-10-2004 - Living History Farms XC

    Team ndorfnz.com takes 2nd at Living History Farms XC on an absolutely...>> Read More

    07-01-2004 - Larsen "Endures" Half-Ironman

    Local Tri-Athlete, Maureen...>> Read More

    06-13-2004 - Beantown Gary Demolishes PRs!!

    Preface: Today was gonna be a good test for me as it's been almost 5...>> Read More

    05-02-2004 - Pass Me A Run..?

    ATLANTA, Georgia (Reuters) -- The same family of chemicals that produces a...>> Read More

    04-15-2004 - Carlsbad 5000

    Made a quick trip to Carlsbad, CA to compete in the Worlds Fastest and...>> Read More

    04-30-2003 - Team Omaha Performs In Boston Marathon

    A group of competitive local Omaha runners made their way to Boston this...>> Read More

    04-30-1999 - Boston Marathon 1999

    I reminisce back to the winter of 1993, laying in the hospital bed they...>> Read More