• 1 prediction per person, per game

  • No changes allowed once prediction submitted

  • "Predict It" opens 7 dayz before game

  • "Predict It" closes midnight before before game

  • Points earned are based on 4 categories

  •      Top 10 Closest to NU Score

  •      Top 10 Closest to Opponent Score

  •      Top 10 Closest To Difference in Total Score

  •      Top 10 Closest To NU Yards

  • The person(s) closest in each category will earn 10 points,
    the next closest person(s) will earn 9 points, etc.

  • Winner determined by the most points at the end of the season.

  • In the event of a tie, the end of season tie breaker will be
    whomever spits a watermelon seed the furthest will earn da V!