Ankle Biter Spazoid little dog that you hope it's bark is worse than it's bite
Beer Goggles Goggles that cause a member of the opposite sex looks mucho better than reality.
Beer SmaK Smak that never comes to fruition.
Bim and Bo A couple ndorfnz groupies
Bohica Bend Over Here It Comes Again
bOOm outta here Basically layin' down your own subtle gloss to pimp a particular accomplishment
BQ Boston Qualifier
Brat Pack Group who knows ? runners in their 35 - 45 range who train together. Good runners and very onry...
Century Week Running more that 100 per week.
coNtoRtIon You've run so much that your body has sustained mucho, mucho damage. You must now take off many years to come back and set a WR at any event you wish...
Da 'Crete Short for concrete. The word concrete comes from the Latin word "concretus", which means "hardened" or "hard".

Depending on who you ask, this is either people's favorite or least favorite running surface
dLenz camera lens that works for
Double-Fistin Drinkin' from beers in both hands...
Drinkin' The Kook-Aid When someone who should know better succumbs to marketing influences and actually begins to believe the propaganda being dished out by a vendor, they are said to have drunk the Kool-Aid.
Drogging Blogging under the influence.
endorphins The biochemical effects of running on the brain. Endorphins, the brain's naturally occurring opiates, are released during running. This release can change an athlete's mood and produce what is known as a "runner's high."
Epic Beyond for the ages
Fence Any obstacle that stops an invidual from meeting their absolute top peak potential in distance running.
Fishwrap A newspaper
Flamin'...Out A generic way to refer to smak or take attempt, who fails miserably and ends the take with...Flamin' Out!
Four Horsemen Group of 4 very fast runners (and good guys) who train together and reside in Lincoln, NE (Wandz, Levi, TommyBoy and Salem)
Fubar F*up beyond all recognition
Garminified A course certified with three or more Garmin GPS watches. Generally considered to be accurate.
Gloss Simply said...Pimpin!
Good Night Now! Discussion, Topic or Subject Matter has definitely been ended...DONE!
gravyTrainin Layin' the cred on yourself for others accomplishments that you really had nothing to do with; someone who exploits someone else's success
Grill Face or facial features - also pronounced 'greel'
Gumpin' Logging lots and lots of miles
HFC Striders Ndorfnz's "alter ego" running club in Boston.
hOOd Your own personal neighborHood
irun14.5 The temporary handle given to a runner for his misunderstanding that a marathon is 26.2 miles
Keepin It Real Wearing shorts regardless of the temperature
Lid Hat or Cap
Line Diversion Distracting those around you in order to cut in line to get the final cup of the final keg.
mackDaddie When you agree to a shoe shine by a smoov talkin' street smart shiner. The shine contains all kinds of white gunk post shine and requires a drunken state to receive.
Magic Handz Dr. Faye C. Jones Certified ART Provider and Instructor at Blair Chiropractic Centre
Man Thongs Short style runnin' shorts (ask baldGuy)
moJo Motivation, energy, and passion for running.
Moly, Copper, Iron Plaqueman contends: the minerals moly, copper, and iron can function in exercise to tear the body down (break down carbohydrates for energy, operate in the krebs cycle, deliver oxygen as hemoglobin) and can also function to repair the body (break down food proteins for metabolism, make elastin for bone, make callogen for bone). given an individual with an intense addictive nature when it comes to running, after about 5 years you're doing more to destroy the body then to get anything beneficial from the exercise.

myopic Unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted, lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded.
naDDy Very tough hilly, course on gravel and dirt. Kinda has a deliverance style setting through SW Nebraska, definitely takes naDz to run this badBoy, not only a very tough course but kinda spooky including Mountain Lion sightings.

Very few "regulars", quite a few one-timers...
ndorfnz Groupy Local Davenport girls that can't get enough of ndorfnz' runners at Bix post race party
Novelty Novelty is the quality of being new. It is a run that is original, creative, and otherwise innovative.
On The Shelf Injured. For example, he is on the shelf again with a calf injury.
Out Finished, done.
Plaqueman A legendary Omaha runner and occasional ndorfnz contributor. His radical views on running and life are just as legendary as his running accomplishments.
Pops Alcoholic beverages
Porch Light Loop Keepin' the porch light in sight to successfully juggle multiple other words, gettin' the run done before the porch light flicks on letting you know "you're done"...
Poser A poser is someone who tries to fit into a profile they aren't. People who try to give off the impression that they are one thing when they are really another. Also, a poser can be one who says they can do something that they can't. Or more commonly, a poser is someone who, when doing something successfully, takes more than enough credit for it
Scored A Kenyan You either won 1st place , won your age group, or took home some $.
Self-Gloss Pimpin' yourself
smaK To throw verbal or word jabs to get one rawled up; most usually done between folks just havin' a good ol' time...
Speed Goggles Goggles that cause an elite runner of the opposite sex to look mucho better than reality.
Stirring the Pot What meatkutter does to stimulate trash talking conversations during training runs

The Boss Your significant (ie: wife, girlfriend, hubby, etc.) other that usually has the final say...
The Hammer Gettin your sorry ass banned from for good. A more severe GOOD NIGHT NOW!
the Z (Zorinsky) A popular Omaha lake with a Garmified 7.37 mile trail.
Three Amigos Group of 3 very fast runners (and good guys) who train together and reside in Omaha, NE (Stenger, Dustin and Paul)
Threesome A triathlon. A combination of swimming, biking, and running.
Tongue-In-Cheek Sarcastic comments or takes that really are just meant to be onry.
Tornado Warning An alert issued by government weather services to warn an area that a tornado may be imminent. It can be issued after either a tornado or funnel cloud has already been spotted, or if there are radar indications that a tornado may be possible. (just in case mcAttack forgets)
Tornado Watch Weather conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms that are capable of producing tornadoes - (just in case mcAttack forgets)
Underwire Heart Rate Monitor strap for the chest
Wear Tester 1) Has a passion for running! 2) Wants to make difference in the lives of other athletes. 3) Knows what they like about running shoes and have ideas on how to make them better. 4) Is able to offer detailed feedback and evaluation of a shoe. 5) Can stay off the shelf for extended periods of time.
Wedge Efforts to divide a group of united folks